Fashion designers won't dress Bebe Rexha because she's "too big"

The singer hit back at designers who won't dress her for the Grammys with a very important message

The Grammy-nominated singer vented in an Instagram video earlier this week saying that certain designers refused to dress her for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards because she's "too big." Her caption under the video sends an amaze message to all designers to "empower women to love their bodies instead of making girls and women feel less than by their size." We *love* that.

Lucky for this star, her message was heard. Designers Tanya Taylor, Elizabeth Kennedy and more have responded to Bebe saying they would be more than happy to dress her for the lavish music event, which takes place Sunday, Feb. 10. 

Bebe's rant is a great message to girls and women of all shapes and sizes: never let anyone tell you what you're worth.

Enjoy the Grammy's, Bebe! 

What are your thoughts on Bebe's message? Tell us below! 


by Rachel Palepale | 1/25/2019
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