All the best Johnny Orlando GIFs you *need* RN

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

This just in: a round up of the best Johnny Orlando GIFs for your enjoyment. Swoon!

1. Let's be honest with ourselves. Who doesn't see their crush like this? Come on.

2. When the weather drops below 60 degrees at any given time.

3. Seeing bae from afar be like...

4. When the quiz is nothing like the homework...

5. ...but you ace it anyway. #finesse

6. When Monday comes knocking

7. When your BFF texts you and you already KNOW you're about to get all of the tea.

8. Leaving your last class on Fridays be like...

9. You to you when you actually wake up on time for school.

10. Us to you when you finish reading this post. Hugs!

Are you obsessed with Johnny Orlando? Which GIF did you feel the hardest? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit: Instagram/Johnny Orlando


by Audrey Bartholomew | 11/27/2018
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