7 things you need to know about Annie's new show, out today!

Breaking news: Annie LeBlanc is one of the sweetest stars around. Okay, you already knew that.... But, in actual real, *new* news: Annie's teamed up with Nickelodeon's Addison Riecke (The Thundermansin an all new mystery series called A Girl Named Joand it's out today!

We're stoked to start binging this soon-to-be mega hit, but first, here's everything you need to know about the show, right from Annie and Addison.  

1. It’s a period piece.
Their new show is set in the 1960s, which means these 21st century teens are pretending to live in a different world on-screen. The cast not only has to adapt to new characters but also deal with the fact that, well, there were no cell phones in the '60s! 

2. The clothes are drool-worthy
On the same note, the clothes are totally different from what we're wearing right now—and the girls definitely dig their characters’ wardrobes.

Annie says she's obsessed with some of the pants Jo rocks on the show, and that she could easily pair 'em with tees she already own

Addison says she’s not as in sync with her character Cathy’s flouncy skirts and ballet flats, there is one element of her every day look she wants to rock all of the time: her hairstyle! Cathy wears a hair clip in every single episode. “I think I'd want to bring a modern version of that back,” Addison admits. 

3. What they say might surprise you...  
Even though the girls are loving the chance to rock retro looks on the reg, they can’t take the lingo quite as seriously. Annie has a line where she says, "Bye! Gotta skidaddle!" 

"Our director’s like ‘That’s how they’d say it in the '60s!’ and we’re like ‘Uh, this is so weird!,'" Annie says. 

4. It’s different than everything you’ve seen Annie do before
We were obvs obsessed with Annie's Rhyme from Chicken Girls and Addison's Nora from The Thundermans, but both Annie and Addison said that A Girl Named Jo is so unique for so many reasons. 

Annie's character new Jo is "polar opposite" from Rhyme. Rhyme was sweet and soft spoken, but Jo has a chip on her shoulder—and that's something viewers will learn about fast.

"It's really cool to play such diverse characters, but Jo is just the most fun character to play! I've never played a character like her before." 

5. It's completely action-packed
The drama series is full of twists and turns. Annie and Addison say they're both shocked every time they read the script for a new episode. "We literally never know what's going to happen next, we're always surprised!" Addison says.

Essentially, the dynamic duo team up on-screen to get to the bottom of mysteries and secrets that flood their little TV-town. You'll probs never be able to guess what's coming next, so you won't want to miss an episode! 

6. Yes, Annie and Addie are IRL besties
Annie and Addison are self-proclaimed introverts. The first day they met, they were secretly gushing over how cool the other one was. Even though they each wanted to get to know their co-star, they were too nervous to say anything. But by day two, they were bonding over Friends, The Office, cheddar Goldfish and chocolate Teddy Grahams. Sounds like a delicious friendship! Filming has been filled with laughs and inside jokes ever since. 

7. You can watch it on Brat's YouTube
The show drops today on their channel. Click HERE to watch, and peep the trailer below...

Did you know Annie's headlining our summer fashion and music festival? Click HERE for details!


by Aly Prouty | 7/3/2018
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