Paris Berelc dishes on working with boyf Jack Griffo on Alexa & Katie

Paris Berelc is no stranger to the camera. Before she starred in Disney’s Mighty Med and Lab Rats: Elite Force, she modeled for big names like Kohl’s and Sears. But in the new Netflix show Alexa & Katie (on Netflix now), Paris faces her biggest on-screen challenge yet: playing a cancer patient.

Portraying Alexa may be intense, but this 19-year-old star is definitely up for it. And it helps that she has her IRL bae, Jack Griffo, who plays Alexa’s love interest, Dylan, by her side.

“I’ve heard horrible stories about couples working together, but Jack and I have known each other forever so it was actually a ton of fun,” Paris says of her BF of over a year. “A lot of the script was pretty true to who we are as a couple, so we basically got to play the 14-year-old versions of ourselves.”

Paris also sparked an instant friendship with Isabel May, who plays Alexa’s loyal, goofy bestie, Katie. The yin to Alexa’s yang, Paris and Isabel became besties off-screen thanks to their tight bond on-screen.

“There’s a school dance in one episode. It was fun to get all dolled up with Isabel,” Paris says. “I never got to go to an actual school dance—and neither did she—so it was so cool to share that experience with her.”

Aside from the obvious on-screen chemistry with her castmates, Paris’s carpe diem attitude—her Instagram feed is full of snaps of her at music festivals, frolicking on exotic beaches and hitting the slopes—made her a perfect match for Alexa’s free-spirited vibe.

“I actually auditioned for both Alexa and Katie,” Paris reveals. “But ultimately I was really drawn to Alexa after seeing how outgoing and strong she is, even through something as tough as cancer.”

Also inspiring? Chatting with girls battling the disease as part of her research.“They’re liking boys, going to dances, and they’re wanting to do teenager things,” says Paris, who recently joined the American Cancer Society as an ambassador. “[Cancer] doesn’t change their lives or who they are as a person.”

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by Sydney Adamson | 6/17/2018
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