Gift Guide: for the seriously-obsessed Siwanator

2017 has been a year of greatness, and we like to think that a good chunk of that has to do with our girl JoJo Siwa.

The former Dance Moms star has pretty much taken over pop culture, and we are a-OK with that! We've been jamming to "Boomerang" and "Hold The Drama" non-stop, and we basically couldn't put down her book (more on that below!). We also *loved* getting a glimpse inside her life in her Nickelodeon docu-special, JoJo Siwa: My World—and seriously, don't even get us started on JoJo's Juice!

Know someone who adores J? Or maybe you yourself have a thing for the candy-colored mega-star? We've got everything the seriously-obsessed Siwanator below!

  • doll.jpeg

    JoJo Siwa doll, $20

    JoJo Siwa has an *actual* doll of herself...and it sings! We are shook.

  • phonecase.gif

    Turquoise and rose gold phone case, $25

    JoJo lovessss all things sequins and sparkles (seriously, look at this outfit she just wore to the Nickelodeon Halo Awards!). Your bestie with a secret love of sparkle *needs* this colorful case!

  • hoodie.jpeg

    Sunshine hoodie, $38

    Another thing J digs? Bright colors. Seriously, you'll probably never see this girl rocking anything but neons! Gift the look with this sunshine-y hoodie from American Apparel.

  • waterbottle.jpg

    Sunshine hoodie, $24

    Sparkle while you sip. Need we say more?

  • tee.png

    Rainbow emoji tee, $13

    The perfect complement to your sunshine hoodie? This fun and spunky emoji tee! We've definitely seen JoJo make this crazy face before, too 😜

  • image.jpeg

    JoJo's Guide to the Sweet Life, $38

    Learn everything you need to know about the dancing and singing queen in this 100 percent offcial guide written by JoJo herself!

  • scrunchies.jpeg

    Sparkle scruncies, $12

    What better way to secure your super slick side pony than these sparkle scrunchies?

  • necklace.jpg

    Bow necklace, $37

    For a more subtle take on J's bows, try out this rose gold necklace!

  • puffkeychain.jpeg

    Light-up pom keychain, $10

    Because every bag needs a light-up keychain, right?! (PS: Faux fur, ofc!)

  • dvd.jpeg

    JoJo Siwa: My World, $10

    Sing and dance along to amazing performances from J while she spills secrets in this super cool docu-special. PLUS: This edition comes with a signature JoJo bow!

  • earmuffs.png

    Faux fur earmuffs, $10

    Cozy, warm and colorful—and we can *definitely* see J rocking these this winter!

  • converse.jpg

    Aqua Converse, $35

    Little known fact: JoJo's fave shoes are hi-top sneakers. According to the star herself, you won't ever see her rocking lo-tops! This pair of Converse is the perf way to get the JoJo look.

  • bows.jpg

    Bows, $20

    Of course, a JoJo gift guide wouldn't be complete without bows! We heart this pair of watermelon-esque bows from Claire's.

    What's your fave gift in this guide? Who's your fave Dance Moms star? Leave your answers in the comments!

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by Sydney Adamson | 11/5/2017