Lizzy Greene spills spooky deets on Nick's Ultimate Halloween Haunted House!

Lizzy Greene *loves* being scared—but this Halloween, she'll be the one doing the scaring

Lizzy, who stars in Nickelodeon's Nicky, Ricky, Dick & Dawn, is the mastermind between this year's spooky Halloween special on Nick, the Ultimate Halloween Haunted House. The special involves a haunted school with five rooms, and the stars from all your favorite Nick shows (Breanna Yde, Jojo Siwa, Ella Anderson, Jade Pettyjohn, Aidan Miner and more)! The stars make their way through in scavenger hunt-style with Lizzy calling the shots in a control room, doing her best to scare her friends. So mischievous!

The special is going to be freaky and funny between the scares in the haunted rooms and Lizzy's commentary. Here's a clip of the action you can expect to see:

Lizzy chatted with Girls' Life about the making of the special and all her Halloween favorites, from costumes to candy to scary movies.

GL: Spill! What's your favorite part of Halloween?
Lizzy Greene: "Costumes! I love to see the costumes that people make themselves because they get so creative. This year I'm going Trick-or-Treating with my friends, too! I mean, you're never too old to have fun."

GL: OK, so what are you dressing up as this year?
LG: "I'm gonna be Cher from Clueless in the iconic yellow outfit. I'm so excited because I love the movie so much, the fashion and everything. I've been planning it for a while so I can't wait to put it all together. I could also be a superhero and do a group costume with my friends, like a full DC comic book thing. I do want to be part of a group, so I am still thinking, but I'm pretty set on going as Cher!" 

GL: What's the best Halloween costume you've ever pulled off?
LG: "I was a peacock about four years ago. It was really crazy and fun—I went *full* out. I wore a lot of feathers—yes, there were feathers in my hair—and I had some intense eyeliner."

GL: You're running the show on the Ultimate Halloween Haunted House, but are you into spooky stuff?
LG: "I'm totally for the scary stuff on Halloween! I enjoy horror movies so much. I love the thrill of being scared, I think it's so fun."  

GL: What do you think is going to be the most popular Halloween costume this year?
LG: "Definitely Pennywise, the clown from It. Everyone's doing makeup tutorials on how to get the look, so I feel like I'm going to be walking around seeing a lot of clowns."  

GL: Do you have your own haunted house experience? On her experience in haunted houses:
LG: "When I was around 9, I went to this haunted house and there was someone with a big Jack-O-Lantern on his head and he was wearing a big cloak, so he was really scary. I just wanted some candy, so I went up to the door, but I had to go past these guys in weird outfits. The Jack-O-Lantern guy ran up to me and jumped and scared me, so I kinda just slapped him in the face! He had a mask on, so he didn't feel me, but he scared me and that was my initial reaction!"

GL: Favorite Halloween candy?
LG: "I love Twix, I'm such a Twix Fan. I also think Swedish Fish aren't appreciated as much as they should be, I know some people aren't the biggest fans of them, but I think they're so good. So really, I'm down for any candy, but I'm always digging through my bag looking for those two." 

GL: What was it like calling the shots and scaring all your friends?
LG: "It was so fun. I kinda felt like Saw in a sense, I was controlling the entire thing! I'm hope this doesn't come off as mean, but it was really funny seeing their reactions from my side because I could see every angle of it. I think I got Ricardo [Hurtado], Jade and Danielle [Perkins] really good."

Don't miss the Ultimate Halloween Haunted House Special, airing tonight (!!!) at 8p.m. on Nick!

What are you being on Halloween? Have you ever gone to a haunted house for Halloween? Share your costumes and stories below!


by Linda Horn | 10/14/2017