Why Andi Mack's Joshua Rush would be the best friend ever

I’m sure you all know that Cyrus Goodman (aka the founder of the Good Hair Crew) is an amazing BFF to our girl Andi Mack. What you don't know? He's a fab friend off-screen, too!

The show, which is currently in production for season two, follows the story of 13-year-old Andi who learns that her older sister, Bex, is actually her mother. Joshua plays Cyrus Goodman, Andi’s super supportive and quirky bestie. You know how we know the show is good? Even Zendaya watches it

Want to know what makes Josh so awesome? Read on!

He'll always remember your Chipotle order
If you love hitting up spots to eat with your BFF’s, you can always rely on Joshua to know your order. We asked him what’s his favorite thing to do with his co-stars and he spilled that Chipotle is their go-to for a good bite. "I love the steak tacos! Asher Angel orders almost the same thing as me, except in a bowl with quadruple the hot sauce. I get it with corn, the steak and whatever fixings I’m feeling that day!"

You can probably beat him in arm wrestling 
Are you a fan of arm wrestling? You can count Joshua in for the next round. Even though he loves testing his strength against his co-stars, there’s a good chance you'd beat him. "I’ve got a perfect record: 0 wins and about 30 losses. I like to pretend that’s a perfect record, even though it’s the polar opposite. Our champions are always Asher and Sofia Wylie, who are pretty much neck and neck. Although Asher has been winning a few more recently..."

He's always down for a James Bond marathon
If you’re into James Bond and action movies, you guys would have movie nights *all* the time. He loves the franchise so much that he even wants to play 007 when he’s older. "I’ve done nights where I’ve stayed up all night watching James Bond. There’s just something about a James Bond film—I *really* love action movies."

He'll reblog you on Tumblr, #always
Do you spend your free time scrolling non-stop through your Tumblr dashboard? You and Joshua totally have that in common, then! "Honestly, the best way to contact me is through my Tumblr. I’m probably too active on it!"

He won't spill Andi Mack deets
...and that's how you know he'll keep even your *biggest* secrets! "All I can tell you is you’re getting what you want and there’s a lot of good stuff in season two, so stick around!"

What do you think: Is Joshua your BFF #goals? Will you be watching the return of Andi Mack this fall? Let us know!

Photo credit: MLC PR.


by Katlyn Pierre | 9/2/2017
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