Maddie Ziegler has a super strange connection to the setting of her movie LEAP!

Get ready for a dance off!

Er, well, get ready to *watch* one as Maddie Ziegler (Camille) and Elle Fanning (Félicie) go head-to-head in their animated flick LEAP!, in theaters today.

The film, which is set in Paris, follows an 11-year-old orphan named Félicie as she trains to be the ballerina she's always dreamed of becoming. Our girl Mad stars as mean girl Camille, who is a far cry from the sweetie she is in real life. We chatted with the meg-talented dancer and actress all about the flick and found out she actually has a super sweet connection with the setting of the movie!

"I remember I was just sitting in a cafe in Paris when I was 11 and they were playing the music video for [Sia's] "Chandelier" on the TV," Maddie spilled. "It was such a weird thing that I could be in Paris and see myself on TV there." How crazy, and what a cute story!

Speaking of Sia, the singer (and Maddie's bestie) has an original song in the movie called "Suitcase." Not surprisingly, Maddie loves the track, and she told us that Sia is actually her favorite artist to dance to. "Dancers would be nothing without music," Maddie confessed. "It makes performing that much better when you can connect with the music that you're dancing to." That's she's shown that she's pretty amazing at with the numerous Sia vids and live performances that she's starred in.

Overall, the movie has an important message: never give up on your dreams, something that Maddie basically lives by. "I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't have passion and if I had given up when I got knocked down. I think it's good to get knocked down, too, because being number one isn't always the most important thing." BRB, making that our 2k17-18 school year mantra.

Do you have a favorite song to dance to? Will you go see LEAP! this weekend? Sound off below.

by Sydney Adamson | 8/25/2017
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