Get to know Mamaboy's Sean O'Donnell!

By now you should know all about the quirky, fun flick Mamaboy starring Sean O'Donnell. What you probably *don't* know, though, is much about the dashing dude himself who ends up getting preggo in the movie.

You might have seen the actor in Sickhouse last year with Andrea Russett, the very first film to ever premiere on Snapchat, or Speechless. But Mamaboy is totally different from both of those films—and totally hilarious! It's full of heart warming moments, too, making it definitely worth the watch.

So, are you ready to find out what it was *really* like playing such an eccentric character? Read on for the exclusive from Sean himself.

Girls' Life: What's your favorite thing about your character, Kelly?
Sean O'Donnell: That everything he does is simply out of love for those that mean the most to him. It’s definitely something that I try to mimic in my day to day life.

GL: Did you ever imagine you'd play a character as, well, strange as this one?
SO: Short answer, no. I always hoped I would get to play a wide range of characters but a pregnant teen never popped into my head—it turned out to be a fantastic experience though!

GL: What was your first thought when you read the script?
SO: My first thought was certainly "Well, this is... different" and then I read it again and really enjoyed the selflessness of my character.

GL: What's your fave memory from set?
SO: In the movie, I get to throw up on a classmate of mine and that was just too much fun (and disgusting!).

GL: What was *your* high school experience like? I'm sure it was much different from Kelly's!
SO: I really loved high school, and I was never not doing something. From choir to sports to business clubs and everything in between, I just wanted to do everything I could and didn't care what other people thought of that. Can’t say that I ever had to hide a pregnancy, so I guess it wasn’t too similar to Kelly’s!

GL: If you could play any character in any movie, which character would you play and why?
SO: I would probably play Logan Lerman's character in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. That movie and that character are just incredibly well done with such a good message. I've always been very envious of that role.

GL: Favorite food?
SO: Mashed potatoes—so simple yet so good!

GL: Celebrity you look up to?
SO: Matt Damon. He just built everything in his life from the ground up and I think that's really admirable.

GL: Favorite Snapchat filter?
SO: No contest, the dog filter… end of story!

GL: Why should our readers watch Mamaboy?
SO: The reason I'm so proud of it is because it doesn't matter who you are in this world, you can relate to Kelly because everyone at some point in their life has felt lost, and it’s a story about coming out on the other side of that.

What do you think—will you check out Sean in Mamaboy? Sound off in the comments!

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by GL | 6/2/2017
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