Netflix's newest series, Anne with an E, is your weekend must-watch!

Get to know Amybeth McNulty, aka Anne from the Netflix Original Anne with an E!

Based on the best-selling Anne of Green Gables series, this timeless coming-of-age story, which premieres *today*, stars Amybeth as Anne Shirley. Anne is an orphan who's had a rougher than rough upbringing. She's mistakenly sent to live with a middle-aged brother and sister who need help around the house. Things work out *exactly* as they're supposed to, though, as Anne infects her foster parents (and the whole town, really) with joy, love and fun. It's the perfect show to binge with your mom this Mother's Day weekend!

Before you press play, get to know the girl behind Anne.

Girls' Life: What inspires you about Anne?
Amybeth McNulty: She's such a strong, independent, empowering girl with a free spirit and a yearning to belong. She can, of course, be awkward and entirely relatable and I'm inspired by her because of all this—and so much more.

GL: Anne is *such* a strong girl. What else makes her a great role model for girls?
AM: I think because she is herself, without a filter or a need to change entirely for someone else's approval…that to me is inspirational, especially for young girls.

GL: The show is set in 1890, so what makes it relatable to GL readers?
AM: We still suffer with so many issues today just as they did in the 1800s, such as sexism, prejudice and bullying against those who may not live up to society standards. It's still *very* timely.

GL: What other red-headed characters would you *love* to play?
AM: There's so many to name! My top two would be Ariel from The Little Mermaid or perhaps Tauriel from The Hobbit.

What is your favorite thing to watch on Netflix? Sound off below!

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by Sydney Adamson | 5/12/2017
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