Ariel Winter dishes on getting the Smurf treatment for Smurfs: The Lost Village

We've got yet another reason to get excited for Smurfs: The Lost Village: there’s a new Smurf in town—and she's voiced by Modern Family's Ariel Winter!

How does Ariel's character, SmurfLily, fit into it all? Here’s the deal: after SmurfLily is spotted by Smurfette (Demi Lovato), Smurfette and her BFFs Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty head out on the adventure of a lifetime to find out whether there are more Smurfs living in a lost village. However, they must get there before the evil wizard Gargamel does—uh-oh! This sets the stage for a movie filled with thrilling action, suspense and plenty of laughs, all leading up to the possibility of the *biggest* discovery in Smurf history.

Check out what our girl Ariel had to share about her Smurfs character, what really went on in the recording booth and why girl power is at the heart of the film.

Girls' Life: Tell us about SmurfLily and how you can relate to her.
Ariel Winter: SmurfLily is very smart, strong and courageous, but what I love about her is while you see that side of her you also see how kind, compassionate and caring she is. I hope I have the same qualities as her! But I think she’s still a little better than I am.

GLWhat is it like playing a new character in such a well-loved franchise?
AW: It’s really exciting. I kind of just got to do the character however I felt she should be played and I didn’t really have to follow anything. It’s definitely easier and I also appreciate it a lot more because I kind of got to craft her. 

GL: What part does SmurfLily play in the Smurfs’ *big* new adventure?
AW: SmurfLily is actually in the lost village that Smurfette goes to find. So, I don’t really go on the adventure so much as I get found in the adventure. I’m actually the first Smurf that Smurfette sees outside of the lost village and that’s when she starts on her big adventure to go and find the lost village.

GLThis film features several girl Smurfs. How is showcasing girl power, even in the world of the Smurfs, important to you?
AW: It’s really important to me because I have young nieces that will be watching and learning things from the film. Also, in this day and age we are having to fight for equality more than ever, so it’s definitely important for me right now to be in this movie and to play such a strong female character and introduce female characters to such a male-centric franchise.

GL: This is not your first time voicing an animated character, but what are the biggest challenges with voicing a character compared to acting in front of the camera on Modern Family?
AW: For me it’s easier because I’ve been doing it since I was four years old, but for people that are just starting I find that it’s harder for them to do voice acting because you have to learn to just act with your voice and express yourself. You’re still making those motions except you’re not going to see yourself on the screen. You’re just kind of doing it so the producers can get an idea for what the character would be doing so they can make it more like you.

GL: That's pretty cool! What was your first reaction when you saw the animated SmurfLily?
AW: I thought she was *so* cute! I was so excited to be able to play SmurfLily and to just be able to say I’m a Smurf. It is always a little bit weird when you’re watching something that you’re in and it’s an animated character and you’re bringing it to life, but it’s also very exciting and fulfilling. 

GL: The cast is packed with A-list stars like Joe Manganiello, Demi Lovato and Gordon Ramsay. Who were you most starstruck by in the cast? Did you get to record lines with any of them?
AW: Everybody is really incredible! I recorded all by myself, but I wish for this movie I had gotten to record with more people because it looked like so much fun.

GL: What lesson do you hope people take away from the movie?
AW: There are a lot of messages of acceptance, tolerance and learning how to work together with girls and boys and different types of people. There are also strong female role models in the movie. 

GL: Why do Girls’ Life readers HAVE to see Smurfs: The Lost Village?
AW: It’s funny, it’s cute, the visuals are *absolutely* beautiful, there are so many great messages and I would be so sad if you didn’t see it.

GL: Can we expect a fourth Smurfs movie and the return of SmurfLily?
AW: I would absolutely hope so! I would definitely be back.

Will you be watching Ariel as SmurfLily in Smurfs: The Lost Village? Sound off in the comments.

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by Angela McLean | 4/4/2017
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