Did you know that all of these celebs are Irish?

From big name actors to pop stars, Ireland has provided some of the best artists of our generation. Check out these awesome Irish stars, just in time for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!

Do you have any Irish ancestors? Have you ever explored Irish culture? Let us know how you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the comments!

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    World-famous musician Ed Sheeran might hail from England, but he has Irish grandparents. His song "Galway Girl" is actually topping the charts on the Emerald Isle! Just recently he tweeted:

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    Would you believe us if we told you model Hailey Baldwin has a cousin named Ireland? She gets her Irish genes from her dad, actor Stephen Baldwin, who also has English, Scottish, French and German ancestors!

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    Of course you knew that Niall Horan is Irish! But did you know that he's the only member of One Direction that hails from Ireland?

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    Actress Vanessa Hudgens is Native American and Irish on her dad's side and Filipino on her mom's side. What a winning—and gorgeous!—combo.

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    Jake T. Austin, former Dancing with the Stars contestant and The Fosters cast member, gets his Irish roots from his dad's side (just like Vanessa!).

by Jacqueline Burnett | 3/16/2017
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