Have you heard this shocking #Hiddleswift theory?

Taylor Swift’s new beau and well known British actor, Tom Hiddleston, has become quite a major part of her life. Or so it *seems.* Just like all of Tay's relationships, theirs has become a major part of celeb media frenzy as of late. This relationship has steadily grown and held tight over the past month and fans and eating up every detail. Tons of snaps of the couple walking hand-in-hand on beaches and along European city streets have surfaced and people are going a little cray over them. 

But, some people are taking their swift (no pun intended) fall into each other's arms and twisting it into something else entirely. Basically, some fans believe that the relationship is simply part of an elaborate music video that Tay is shooting. Although this theory might sound a little far fetched, there are some legitimate facts to back it up.

According to Seventeen, every paparazzi photo has been taken by the same agency, which is a little odd since the pair has been jetting around the world. It's also curios that these photos have all been taken in incredibly sceneic places such as beaches in Rhode Island and England, and even in Rome. Frankly, all of these places seem like ideal spots for romantic music videos, if you ask us.

So, maybe this theory isn’t actually that unlikely. Maybe Tay really is getting ready to drop another highly anticipated single (and then album, *crosses fingers*). Maybe Tay is taking cues from Zayn Malik who has his girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid, in many of his music videos. Who really knows? I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see if this #Hiddleswift theory is legit. Until then, we’ll just bask in the beauty of their relationship and carry on with our lives.

What are your thoughts on this #Hiddleswift theory? Sound off in the comments.

Photo credits: TSwiftDaily, Britany LaManna.


by Hayley Burns | 7/8/2016