How to get a celeb-worthy Insta feed


 There's so much about our favorite celebs to envy—their perfect hair, trendy style, amazing talent...even their social media accounts. But emultating your favorite It girl's feed doesn't have to be a monumental feat. Check out these Insta hacks that'll have people wondering why your account isn't verified.

Photo credit: Sabrina Carpenter

  • nsta1.png

    Taylor's #SquadGoals 

    Gather your squad for an epic pic, then slide on the Mayfair filter (Tay’s go-to), add a witty caption and watch the likes roll in. 


    Photo credit: Taylor Swift

  • oliviaholt.png

    Goofy gold

    To take an Olivia-inspired Insta, gather some photobooth props like the ones in this picture (or look up a DIY and make your own!), then mix and match for endless possibilities. Bonus points if you've got a cute S.O. to pose with...

    Photo credit: Olivia Holt

  • sabrinacarpenter.png

    Snaps like Sabrina's

    Want to get Polaroid-inspired pics like Sabrina's? Just put on your best celeb pout and use the ShakeItPhoto app for that perf vintage look.

    Photo credit: Sabrina Carpenter

  • amanda.png

    All about Amandla

    To get Amandla's effortlessly cool vibe, match your outfit to the color of your background. Even better? Flood the space with natural light to mimic her flawless skin.


    Photo credit: Amanda Stenberg

  • hailee.png

    Steinfeld Silhouette

    How cute is this shot of Hailee Steinfeld and her BFF Sophie Wood? To get this #goals-worthy shot, all you need to do is grab a friend and face a light source, then have another bestie (or, ya know, your Mom) snap a pic. The camera should automatically focus on the light source, leaving you and your pal silhouetted in front.

    Photo credit: Hailee Steinfeld


by Maddie Howard | 2/1/2016