Aca-believe it, Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are coming back for Pitch Perfect 3!

We'd already heard that there was a third movie in the works coming from writer Kay Canon, who penned the first two Pitch Perfect flicks, but when it came to stars of the flick, the only actress who we were sure was coming back was Hailee Steinfeld.

Now, both Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have confirmed that they'll be reprising their roles as Beca and Fat Amy—so basically we're bouncing off the walls with excitement. The Pitch Perfect Instagram shared the news with this awesome pic, which also conveniently tells us exactly how long we have to wait (two years, ugh).


Anna Kendrick also got the word out to all of her fans, captioning this Insta, "Happening #3." 


We're not sure how the plot will play out since pretty much all of the Bellas graduated at the end of the sequel, but we know they'll come up with something great.

As for our ideas, we're thinking maybe the former Bellas will head back to Worlds for total dominations. Can you imagine if they joined up with the Treblemakers to form an awesome supergroup? They could also go pro a la the Pentatonix, travelling, touring and performing for aca-audiences all over the globe. We'll take whatever we can get, and we know this incredible team will put together the funniest flick we've ever seen.

Which other stars should return for PP3? Any special guests you'd love to make an appearance? Tell us your ideas for the third movie below.


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by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016