The seven best celeb sibs around

If you have a bro and/or sis, you’re super lucky. Though they can get on our nerves, they always come through when it matters and, despite the ups and downs, brothers and sisters make the perfect BFFS.

Just like us, some of our fave celebs siblings are super close with each other and rock it at home and in the spotlight. Check out our fave celebrity siblings to celebrate National Sibling Day.

Which celeb sibs are your favorite? Are you celebrating National Sibling Day with your fam? Tell us in the comments.  


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    Alli and Cody Simpson

    Anyone with eyes could tell these blond-hair beauties related. These sibs are only two years a part (Alli's 16 and Cody's 18) and both are super talented. They know what it means to look good, too, making them one of the collest bro and sis celebrity duos. Cody even captioned this Instagram photo, "Love this chick." What an awesome big bro.

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    Vanessa and Laura Marano

    The Marano sisters are too cute and always looking chic. Plus, both brown-eyed babes have a knack to act. Vanessa, 22, and Laura, 19, got their start as kids in their local community theater and have been doing awesome ever since. And February/March GL Cover girl Laura loves messing around with her big sis Vanessa. In these silly shots, Laura wrote, “This is why Vanessa doesn’t take selfies.” There’s no denying both love getting crazy around one another.

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    Kendall and Kylie Jenner

    From growing up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians to stepping out of their sisters’ spotlight, these two continue to make a name for themselves. Both sisters are super stylish and even worked together to launch The Kylie and Kendall collection with PacSun a couple years back. At just 19, Kendall is taking on high fashion while younger sis Kylie, 17, is following in her modeling footsteps. And the best part? They’re totally inseparable.

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    Jaden and Willow Smith

    Both still pretty young, Jaden, 16, and Willow, 14, have already found their success stories in acting and singing. With totally trendy style that's ahead of the curve, they always know how to rock the red carpet. Best known for his role in The Karate Kid, Jaden is working on his rap career and more films. Willow's already achieved radio fame with her incredibly catchy hit "Whip My Hair." These two are even set to perform together at the 2015 New Look Wireless Festival.

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    Liam and Chris Hemsworth

    With Thor and Gale as brothers, this family's gotta be unstoppable. Liam, 25, star of The Hunger Games and Avengers' Chris, 31, are taking acting to a whole new level. The two Aussie natives are talented and—dare way say—super hot. Not only do both have crazy buff bods, they've also got piercing blue eyes. Together, the two aren't afraid to get goofy either, even sharing TBT pics like this one.

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    The Lynch Siblings

    Between the five Lynch kids (and honorary sib and R5 bandmate Ellington Ratliff), they make one musical crew. With four of the five, Riker, 23, Rydel, 21, Rocky, 20, and Ross, 19, forming their own band—and even living in a house together—with Ellington Ratliff, 21, you'd think they might get sick of each other, but the love from this crew is endless. They're even including little brother Ryland on their tour this summer so he can play his own DJ gigs. In this pic, the whole gang is rolling out to show their support for oldest bro Riker as he tangos his way to the top on Dancing with the Stars.

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    Raini and Rico Rodriguez

    The two don't get much of a chance to work together in TV, but every time we see them on the red carpet they're hanging out together. And when you put the two of them next to each other, hilarity happens. Both sibs rock it on their individual comedies, Raini, 21, with Austin & Ally and Rico, 16, on Modern Family, and even each took home a KCA blimp a few weeks ago when their shows won. Talk about a talented twosome.

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by Alexa Matthews and Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016