What do Jake T. Austin's tweets mean about The Fosters' season finale?


The Fosters knows how to keep us on the edge of our seats, and they did just that with last night's season finale episode. So many crazy things happened – some that we couldn't believe, and some that it felt like forever we'd been waiting for. If you haven't watched the ep yet, watch out for spoilers below.

During the episode, Callie and Robert took some major steps forward. After finally coming to terms with their relationship and where Callie considers home, Robert withdrew his custody lawsuit, which (hopefully!) means that Callie's back on track to get adopted. Good news for Jude, too, who finally got the chance to see Connor again after the incident with Taylor's dad. Though we don't know for sure yet that Connor's dad has come around to Connor being gay – or to Jonnor as a couple – he at least let the two be together. We were so excited to finally see things looking up for Callie and Jude, but what we really can't stop talking about is the end of the ep. 

While driving to the hospital with Ana, Mariana and Jesus are in a car accident and it's not looking good. According to the call over the police radio, there's at least one fatality on the scene, which means some of our favorite characters are in danger. Even worse, Jake T. Austin, the character behind Jesus, tweeted something super sad last night which has us even more scared for his character. Check out what he had to say.



If Jake's leaving the show, it certainly seems like things aren't looking good for Jesus. Show creator Bradley Bredeweg weighed in on the sitch, though, which only left us more confused than ever (although at least now we have some hope!).


What do you think Jake's leaving the show means for Jesus? What part of last night's episode shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments below.


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by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016