Black Nativity's Jacob Latimore talks Snickers and family secrets

His songs like “You Come First” have already won over our playlist, but now Jacob Latimore is tugging at our heartstrings as Langston in Black Nativity (in theaters Nov. 27), where he plays a street-wise teen from Baltimore who travels to NYC to celebrate Christmas with his estranged fam. In real life, Jacob, 17, is just as happy to hang with his fam—as long as they don’t go messing up his room. 

GL: Lots of teens can relate to Langston—he’s raised by a single mother and struggling with a rebellious streak. Do you two have any similarities?

Jacob: We both share an artistic side. Langston loves poetry and music. Other than that, he’s a character with a really hard [exterior] but a sensitive core. He puts up a front sometimes to cover it up, whereas I’m pretty open about everything.

The film is part musical. Any song we should be looking out for?

I really like “Christmas in Baltimore,” which is actually the opening song of the film. It’s got this hip-hop, R&B feel to it.

Being from Baltimore, we’re excited to hear it. What do you love most about Christmas?

It’s really just when I’m with my family and that Christmas tree is standing there, decorated with homemade ornaments and candy canes. No matter what worries we have, the tree, the colors and the smell, just brings us together.

So what’s topping your Christmas wish list this year?

I’m really starting to get into colognes. So this year, I just want a really big collection. I want them all.

Hey, that’s one way to smell good wherever you go. What’s the most random gift you’ve ever received?

In recent interviews, I’ve said that Snickers are my favorite candy. Ever since then, I’ll go do a show and [fans] will come to me afterward with one. There might be some ChapStick or whatever in the mix but there’s always that almost-melted candy bar that’s been standing in the hot crowd for an hour.

Sounds, um, tasty. So, when you’re not busy making movies or touring, what do you love doing most with your fam?

Laser tag! It’s the coolest thing ever. I don’t usually win, though. Every time I go, something goes wrong with my gun or the laser isn’t working…

…Likely story. If your fam were to spill one secret about you, what do you think they’d say?

Probably that I vacuum my room, like twice a day. I like everything in my room has to be in order. If there’s a wrinkle in the comforter, I’m stretching it out. But this is only when it comes to my room. Outside of there, I’m not as intense.

Sneak a peek at Black Nativity below…

Be sure to catch Black Nativity when it hits theaters Wednesday, Nov. 27.

Are you already a fan of Jacob Latimore? Pumped for this movie? Share in the comments below.

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by Patricia McNamara | 2/1/2016