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Calling all GL girls! We have a new cutie that will have you going gaga by the time you’re done listening his new album. Plug In Stereo (aka Trevor Dahl), is making his mark on the music scene with his upcoming EP A Little Peace, set to release Tuesday, Nov. 19. Heavy on the guitar, the 6-track album gives off an acoustic feel, making it perfect to listen to when you want to fall asleep, study or take a quick break from the school day stress. 

How do you know this talented dude’s sound already? Here’s a hint: He helped write the super sweet “Truly, Madly, Deeply” song for One Direction. Trevor writes his own songs, which makes lyrics like “I still believe in destiny” to “All I want to do is hold you,” more heart melting and adorable.

As he gears up for a tour with Ryan Beatty (starting date TBD as he just announced it has to be postponed), we were able to snag the star and have him spill all on everything from the male mind to the one outfit you might see him rock at an upcoming gig. Read on to find more reasons to start crushing on this amazing musician.

GL: We’re loving your new single “To Be Wanted” featuring Megan & Liz. What’s that song about?
Plug In Stereo: I think it carries a really honest message that all humans have a need to feel loved. Whether it's from your parents, a girlfriend/boyfriend, a friendship, everybody wants to feel important in the relationships that they have with the people in their lives, so this song explores different situations of how some people may go about getting that love. I had the chorus idea in my head for a long time and I was really passionate about the concept because of how universal it is. 

Check the official “To Be Wanted” music video below…

What’s one thing you want girls to understand about guys right now?

Ahh, that's a tough one. I can't speak for the whole male population, but if I had to choose one thing that I wish girls understood about me personally, it would be that I wish they understood the kind of lifestyle that comes along with playing music. Relationships are tough because of all the traveling and the weird work schedules.

Speaking of touring, what are some random things you always bring with you on tour to remind you of home?

A blanket that my sister made for me when I was in middle school because it’s super warm and smells like home. And a ring that my parents gave me. They bought one for each of us three kids when we were born, my mom wore them our whole lives and then gave them to us when we each turned 18. I wear mine every day.

Any go-to outfits you usually like to wear on stage?
It's funny, I always bring a big ol' suitcase of clothes and usually end up wearing one or two outfits 90 percent of the time. Right now, it’s probably be a pair of brown boots, black pants and a short-sleeve button up.

Who are two artists you think should team up and go on tour together?
Well I'd love to see Ed Sheeran and John Mayer on tour together. I think they are both wonderful performers and songwriters and I'd really enjoy seeing them live. Can we change the question to "three artists" just so I can toss myself into the mix?

Be sure to check out A Little Peace when it releases next week, then come back and share your favorite tracks. 

For more info on Plug In Stereo, CLICK HERE!

Are you already a Plug In Stereo fan? What’s your favorite song? Share in the comments below.

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by Caitlin Moynihan and Patricia McNamara | 2/1/2016