Meet the hotties of Teen Beach Movie

We love new movies—especially when they have a group of cute guys. And Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie (premiering this Friday, July 19, at 8 p.m. ET/PT) is no exception. 

We got a chance to chat up the studs of this new flick on the film’s gorgeous beach set. Keep reading below to see what they had to say on awkward dancing, girls, the movie…and everything in between.


Which one of these cuties are you excited to see on the TV screen? Share in the comments below.

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  • 1rossylynch.jpg

    You’ll love…Ross Lynch

    Ross plays Brady, a present-day surfer who gets magically transported into his fave movie, “Wet Side Story,” with BFF Mack.

    Ross’ fave thing about Brady: “I love that he’s just chill. He’s super calm and just goes with the flow.”

    His go-to awkward dance location: “You can’t go wrong breaking out with a song in a place like diner. That would be cool.” 


    How to approach Ross if you spot him on the beach: “I like when girls are just having fun because I just wanna have fun, too. If a girl comes up to me and asks to play football or go swimming in the ocean, I’d totally do it!” 

  • 2garrett.jpg

    You’ll love…Garrett Clayton

    The Zac Efron lookalike stars as Tanner, the chill leader of the surfers in “Wet Side Story.” He ends up falling for Mack when she gets transported into the fictional ’60s flick. Problem? Well, the way the story goes, Tanner’s supposed to fall for Lela.

    Garrett’s fave thing about Tanner: “The crazy swim trunks he wears. I also like that he kind of takes life as it comes. I’m kind of the same way and don’t dwell on the past.” 

    His go-to awkward dance location: “I already kind of do that in restaurants, but it’s also great to start some sort of crazy flash mob at a party. I just love awkward situations.” 

    His favorite on-set snack: “Apples. I’ll have like one cookie and end up eating 17 more. With an apple, after one I’m full because they take so long to eat.” 

  • 3john.jpg

    You’ll love…John DeLuca

    John plays Butchy, leader of motorcycle gang The Rodents in “Wet Side Story.” Butchy’s def the troublemaker of the film, we can tell ya that!

    John’s fave thing about Butchy: “He’s simple. He thinks he’s so cool, but he can definitely be a little simple-minded at times.”

    His go-to awkward dance location: “The DMV. Everyone is always angry when at the DMV so it would be really funny to just slide up and be like, ‘What’s up?’”

    His fave summer memory: “My entire family used to go camping on the beach along the Connecticut Shore for two weeks every year. Sleeping in tents, roasting marshmallows over the fire and playing football together made for some great bonding.” 

  • 4jordan.jpg

    You’ll love…Jordan Fisher

    Jordan stars as funny dude Seacat in “Wet Side Story.” He’s part of the surfer gang.

    Jordan’s fave thing about Seacat: “His sense of style. He likes things very loud and colorful. His clothing is kind of a character of its own.”

    His go-to move to catch a girl on the beach: “I’ll accidently throw a beach ball towards her. That’s a good starting point for me. “ 

    Teen Beach Movie star he wouldn’t mind being stranded with on a deserted island: “Maia [Mitchell]. We’ve had this really cool brotherly/sisterly connection from the get go, always playing and pushing each other’s buttons. That’s something I like to have in a friend.”

  • 5kent.jpg

    You’ll love…Kent Boyd

    The So You Think You Can Dance star joins the “Wet Side Story” surfer clique as Rascal in Teen Beach Movie.

    Kent’s fave thing about Rascal: “He’s a surfer, but he hits on all girls—no matter if they are a biker or surfer. He just goes for it all, which is fun.” 

    His go-to awkward dance location: “My friend choreographed a flash mob in NYC for Auntie Anne’s Pretzels National Pretzel Day and I [joined]. He got so much money and free pretzels, so anything place that involves foods would be a cool place to randomly break out into dance.”

    His embarrassing off-set Teen Beach Movie moment: “I was in my hotel room rocking out to some Frank Sinatra on Pandora when the in-room dining lady walked in. Things got really awkward, so I decided to just start dancing with her to the music. It was really funny.”

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by Deven Feldstein and Patricia McNamara | 2/1/2016