Last weekend, Rebecca Black’s music video “Friday” went viral. How did it get so popular? Well, other than the fact that it has well over 9 million views, the JoBros tweeted about it.

If you haven’t already seen the vid, Rebecca is a cute teen girl who sings about the perks to the weekend. She spends most of the song in a car with her friends riding around town—and at a party. Ark Music Factory, Rebecca’s management, even brought in a rapper for the song.

Zach, the adorb singer from Allstar Weekend, even mentioned Rebecca on his twitter page saying, “The thing about ‘Friday’ is if it had completely different lyrics and better phrasing it would be a really catchy song.”

There are tons of opinions on this new single, but one thing’s clear: Friday is totally the best night of the week! To celebrate Friday, we want to know what some of your fave Friday night plans are. Do you love going to the movies? Shopping? Sleepovers with your BFFs?

Watch Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music vid below…

What are your thoughts on Rebecca’s song? Blog about it, babes.


by Caitlin Farley | 2/1/2016