HOW TO: Host A Swap Session!


Is your closet groaning under the weight of jeans you no longer wear and snow boots that pinch your toes? Sounds like it's time for a Swap Session! It's almost Spring so tidy up your spaces AND get a fab new wardrobe for free!

What You'll Need:

  • Unwanted stuff you've had stashed in the corners of your room and closet

Here's How A Swap Session Works:

1. Clear out your closet, drawers and shelves, removing all the things you no longer want—but that might still be fun for someone else.

2. Invite your buds to do the same and send out cute invites for an official swap-party.

3. Gather in the living room, spread out all the goodies (keeping everyone's stuff in its own area so it's easy to tell whose stuff is whose).

4. Go around the room and take turns trading! Trade until everyone has traded all they can. Or, until you're left with stuff nobody can even give away! Pack up leftover stuff and donate it to the Salvation Army or a homeless shelter.

BLOG ABOUT IT: Have a zillion pairs of shoes? What's one thing in your closet that ya know you could afford to nix? Share away babe!

3/3/2008 5:20:15 PM