Leanne, Kenley and Korto went head to head…to head. Is it just me or was this season super long? Well, we’re finally here, the moment that we’ve all been waiting for. Did you get a chance to watch the top 3 girls rock the runway?

3 days till runway show: It was all about putting the finishing touches for the catwalk. Model casting, hair and makeup, designers met with about a gazillion peeps to get it all just right.

Let’s take a look at some of the pre-show highlights, shall we?

o    Leanne abducted “alien” look-alikes to work her collection on the runway.

o    Tim and Kenley Round 564: Kenley busted out the ‘tude for the last and final (thank god!) time. Unable to take Tim’s constructive critiques, she once again went drama queen and snapped back saying she didn’t care what the judges or Tim thought about her collection.

o    Krazy Korto chucked two of her OG pieces from her collection and whiped up two more spankin’ new dresses for the show! Insanity.

o    Leanne’s model Tia brought her cutie patootie pooch to the final fitting. After running around a li’l spaztastically, puppy made a mess on the floor! Leanne’s model then proceeded to pick up the poop wearing Leanne’s dress!

With one last "gather-round,” Tim and the girls hugged it out before the girls hit the runway.

Backstage: As the house filled up with familiar faces from PR seasons past, Kenley, Korto and Leanne were behind the scenes frantically at work. Every designer got a team of much needed helpers and while Korto immediately put them to use, Kenley wouldn’t let her worker-bees touch a thing! Only she knows how to steam painted fabrics you see. And with a sad wardrobe malfunction from one of Leanne’s top and a tight squeeeeze into Kenley’s dress, we hit the stage front and center with Miss Klum. 

As Heidi made her welcomes and introductions, she announced that PR’s finale guest judge Jennifer Lopez was unable to make it due to a foot injury. What a sad excuse J Lo. Slap on a cast and bust a move! The replacement? Tim Gunn. -.-
First up, Kenley! Kenley said her father inspired a lot of her pieces (who just happened to be in the audience watching). Take off the shades, MK!

Time to shine, Korto! Korto dedicated her collection to her daughter. There was a lot of commotion from the judges as her models strutted down the runway.

Last but not least, Leanne! 

Past and current season designers weighed in on their favorites with mixed reviews from all around. The judges thought they each did a great job and had their own distinct look. And I totally agreed! All three designers did amazing and I totally loved something from every collection.
MK thought Kenley's collection was full of charm and loved the hand painting. Nina loved it, too, but had a problem with her floral look mimicking Balenciaga. Apparently the fourth time the judges have noticed her copycat designs, she was the first to get kicked to the curb. My fave piece from her collection? The green ruffle collar and black skirt separates!

Judges loved that Korto was able to use her ethnicity without making her looks “costume-y.” Nina particularly was a huge fan of Korto’s saying her collection looked “effortlessly cohesive.” Heidi on the other hand concluded that there were “too many idears in one garment.” I personally really loved Korto’s color schemes, especially the bright greens and whites! 
Leanne was last to show and got rave reviews from all around. MK thought her workmanship looked “divine.” And Nina liked the variety of pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. Dubbed the “Queen of the Petals” by MK, Nina was concerned that she was a “one-note” designer. My thoughts? Who cares if it was petaltastic, it was SO cute! 

And the winner is…Leanimal! When Leanne was announced the winner, I think she was in shock or something 'cause there really wasn’t that much reaction. Tia (her model) seemed to be more excited jumping up and down on stage. Do you think the judges made the right pick? Who was your favorite to win?

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10/16/2008 1:27:00 PM