10 outfit ideas for Thanksgiving

When choosing an outfit for Thanksgiving, it's important to consider what your holiday celebration will be like. If you'll be helping to make the mashed potatoes, it's probably best not to wear your fave jeans. Or if you're planning on playing with your younger cousins all night, you don't want to wear a fancy dress. No matter your plans, we've got you covered with 10 adorable outfit ideas for Turkey Day.


A super simple outfit for any occasion? Basics, bb. A plain black tee with some comfy blue jeans will always do the trick. For footwear, you could opt for sneakers or loafers. The perfect part about this outfit is you will look effortlessly chic without overthinking it. 


If the weather's warm enough on Thursday, a fab outfit choice is a mini skirt (we heart plaid), a baby tee and a leather jacket. It's v. Rory Gilmore-esque (essentially everyone's fall outfit inspo). Wear it with black stockings and under-the-knee black boots to add some spice. 


If you feel like wearing something a bit more fancy, a fun dress is the way to go! Whether it's bright red or understated black, an awesome dress is always a good choice. Accessories are a must with a simple dress like this—whether that means tons of chunky jewelry (especially mixing metals), a bright bag or platform shoes. 


Blazers are the It-jacket of the year because they can be worn so many ways—over a dress, with a matching skirt or with jeans. Try light-wash denim and a blazer over any crop top. This outfit radiates srsly sophisticated energy.

The ultimate cozy fit is obvi an option for Thanksgiving. Loose-fitting, low-rise jeans, a soft fleece, mini Uggs (we're obsessed) and a simple baby tee. So comfy, you'll feel like you're in your PJs!


What goes better than a cardigan, jeans and Converse? Nothing! Take your fave pair of jeans (any color will do), then grab your go-to sneakers! Finally, select a cardigan. An earthy color is best—taupe brown, rust red, burnt orange or deep green all are fab autumn hues.


Just like a fun dress, a stylish top can spice up a simple outfit. Pair it with jeans or take things to the next level and try it with a skirt (think: silk midi or denim) or even flowy pants. 


Sets are having a moment! They're all the rage rn, so why not wear one to Thanksgiving? Sets keep things simple and make you look incredibly put together! 


The OG Thanksgiving outfit is clearly a chunky sweater and dark-wash jeans. If you like to stick with what works, this is the outfit for you. Don't forget the trendy loafers.


A little black dress moment never fails. Tbh, everyone should have one of these in their closet. You can throw it on with some cute shoe (we heart a pair of booties), adorable accessories (think: hoop earrings) and a fall coat (hellooo, trench)...and you're looking as fabulous as ever!

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by Isabelle Grace Ballard | 11/24/2022