Midsize fashion must-haves to add to your closet

I don't know about you guys, but for me, this summer is all about self-love—most importantly accepting our perfectly imperfect bodies. What better way to celebrate our bodies than to treat ourselves to revamp our closets! Summer fashion trends are all over my TikTok FYP, but I've failed to see much representation of larger body types on social media. But through experimentation (and a few very specific Google searches), I have compiled these summer must-haves for all our trendy, stylish and beautiful midsize girls! 

Of course—high-waisted denim

American Eagle, $50

These *had* to be on the list. If high-waisted mom shorts are not already a staple in your life, *run* don't walk to snatch them up from your nearest American Eagle. You can also loop a belt into the mix to level up the outfit. Nice jean shorts can be pricy, but these versatile bottoms are so worth the investment. 

Try your hand at crop tops 

Forever 21, $12

Whoever said crop tops are exclusively for a certain body type was so very wrong! Try out different types of crop tops, such as longer ones, looser fitting styles or sleeveless options. As long as you feel comfortable and confident in your top, you'll be throwing killer 'fits throughout the entire summer. 

Sweat shorts are *so* in season 

Target, $15

One of the best things about winter is the comfortable clothes, but summer is giving the season a run for its money with these. Sweat shorts, which are like sweatpants but cropped to the size of a short, are such comfy and stylish bottoms. And these bottoms come in a rainbow of different colors for our casual outfits and matching sets lovers. 

Pull out those puff sleeves 

Shein, $12

Puff sleeves are our new fave fashion trend this summer. From tops to dresses, puff sleeves make for a perfect cottagecore outfit to add to the wardrobe. Tops with V-necks or square necklines also pair perfectly with puff sleeves, so keep an eye out for those. When you pop out into town with some puff sleeves, you'll be the Belle of the block. 

Over-shirts are so underrated 

Shein, $13

Layers are a midsize girl's BFF, and you can still wear them in the summer heat. Solid colored, floral and even those Hawaiian-dad shirts add a whole different layer to an outfit (literally and figuratively). Add a short sleeve over-shirt to make your crop top and jeans for a trendy and cute look. Try out different over-shirts styles, and no shame in browsing the men's section in the process.

Some picnic-worthy dresses 

Nasty Girl, $25

Experiment with different types of dresses to find your one-true style—jumper, sun and milkmaid are our mid-size faves. Try out dresses with different sleeve types, lengths and clinching as well. The options all endless, but to get you started check out stores like Old Navy, Urban Outfitters or Nasty Girl.  

And here's a quick reminder that your clothes are meant to fit *you,* not the other way around. Every body size, shape and make is valid and worthy of self-love. So treat yourself to some gorg new outfits and spend the rest of your fab summer strutting with confidence just like this...

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All GIFs via GIPHY | Slider image @freyadudding 


by Cara Lamina | 8/6/2021