How to dress modestly this season and still look cute

Crop tops and cutoffs are often go-tos for the summer, so Insta fit inspo pages can make it easy to think that showing off skin is necessary to stay on trend. While we're big fans of a cool cropped cami or a flirty tennis skirt, we also love modesty's power in helping girls feel confident while having fun with their style. Whether you're hoping to honor and respect your faith background or you're just interested in the ways you can still put together fresh looks without baring your skin, we've *totally* got you covered. 

Choose tops in breathable fabrics (think button downs and billowy sleeves!)


Don't let the length of a pair of sleeves fool you—most button downs are made with thin cotton fabric which can keep you feeling cool even during warm evenings. Button downs with longer sleeves also give you a lot of flexibility since you can roll them up during the day and push them back down to stay cozy at night.


Puffed sleeves were all the rage last summer, and the sophisticated style is here to stay. Not only do they give you major princess energy, but they also feel so refreshing when there's some gentle wind. Whether you prefer fitted raglan sleeves or fluttery bell ones, it's all in the details, and distinctive sleeve styles are always a great key point to make an outfit stand out.

Rather than tight bottoms, pick wide-legged pants and midi skirts


Thank you so much Gen Z's for deciding that straight leg, boot-cut, and flare pants are in so everyone can be both stylish and comfortable. These breezy, relaxed cuts are so easy to dress up or down. If you're going for a more elegant look, you can pair light denim with a white blouse (the paler the color, the less heat it absorbs!), nude sandals, and dainty jewelry. For a street style fit, try an oversized tee, a faux leather belt (additional waist chains optional) and your fave sneakers.


Long skirts are also a double win since they can make your outfit look refined and polished while still being airy enough to let your legs breathe. With a tee in your fave color tucked in, others will think that you put way more thought into your look when in reality, it's only made up of two clothing items. Get ready for twirls for *days*!

Layer with basic tops underneath


How cute is Maitreyi's matching set? Although the pieces already look adorable on their own, the white button down gives off posh vibes while still maintaining the quirky element of such a vibrant pattern. A pointed or Peter Pan collar also helps keep the whimsy.


Ruched camisole tops are all over every influencer's Insta page, and they are just as flattering and pretty with a blouse underneath. Petite girls like me (i.e. 5'2" squad) will especially love how the flare pants make your legs appear taller.

Simple overalls


Just as dressing modestly does not immediately equal looking old-fashioned, wearing overalls is *not* a sure formula for appearing like a child! These loose bad boys already offer 70% of an outfit, giving you more time while getting dressed to have fun with choosing what to wear underneath and accessorizing


Petite besties, assemble, part 2! In addition to flare pants, vertical lines can also lengthen your legs. Whatever your height is though, we love it no matter how short or tall you are. While Chloe's cheerful salmon pink overalls brighten others' day with their splash of color, Jayden's pinstripe ones draw eyes for their "cool girl" aura. Pinstripes are commonly associated with work attire, but Jayden's overalls with one strap undone paired with athletic Jordans bring a youthful edge to business casual while still staying covered up.

Effortless long dresses


Midi and maxi dresses are great for lazy summer afternoons when you want to look put together with minimal effort, and they're perfect for letting the natural breeze cool your legs. Floral print is always a classic choice and especially fitting for summer. Ariana balances out the girly print of her dress with her casual white tee and comfy Converse sneakers, an amazing combo for girls on the go.  


For those looking for a formal yet still airy look, look out for dresses with delicate features such as a collar, cuffed sleeves, buttons down the front, pockets, or a pleated skirt. The small leather purse matches with the other little details, and light colors like mauve or other pastels keep the fit looking lively and feminine.

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by Elizabeth Huang | 8/3/2021