The ultimate explanation of the butterfly trend

Unless you've been living under a rock, you may have noticed that for over a year now, butterflies have been *everywhere.* And we're not talking about the ones in the sky.

The late 90s/ early 2000s trend is back in *full swing,* with butterflies decorated on clothing, jewelry, hair accessories, home decor, tech products - you name it. So, you might be wondering:

Why are butterflies *SO* popular rn?

As we all learned in elementary school, butterflies go through a life-changing process called metamorphosis. In these steps, a butterfly grows out of its catepillar form and transcends into a new, beautiful creature. Because of this, butterflies symbolize romantic concepts like spiritual rebirth, transformation, hope and life.

This year, we've faced extreme downfalls and division in our community and in our personal lives. Whether you were affected by the coronavirus, BLM protests, the election or all three, butterflies are a reminder that there *is* good around the corner and transformation *will* come in the future.

Who are some celebs influencing the trend?

Obviously, celebrities and influencers can have a big effect on what trends we follow and what styles we choose. In the 90s/00s, when the butterfly trend first started, celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Brittany Spears and Mariah Carey played vital roles in its establishment. Here are some substantial figures in the 2020 version of the trend.

Rydel Lynch Funk

Rydel Funk, Ross Lynch's big sis, is major #goals when it comes to having a colorful, fun aesthetic, and we *love* how she's bringing back the iconic butterfly clips. Find more butterfly products like this at her online store.

Taylor Swift


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)

When Taylor Swift's Lover album dropped in August 2019, it may have been the entire stigma for the rebirth of the butterfly trend. Before switching to her Folklore aesthetic (we love a diverse queen), she fully emobodied the romantic spirit of butterflies, and it's definitely shown in her Lover album.


Beyoncé never fails to make a stand on every new trend in the fashion world. This outfit is so fab and sweet at the same time, just like Queen B herself.

*Loving* this trend? Check out some cute butterfly products below...

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Are you as obsessed with the butterfly trend as we are? Let us know @girlslifemag!

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by Elise Jones | 12/20/2020