Feeling artsy? Style your looks around these iconic paintings


Imagine dressing up like the *muse* of an iconic painting displayed at the Met or basing your outfit on a picturesque landscape by a master artist. From Monet's Water Lilies to Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, check out these colorful artsy looks!

Starry Night

Of course, we all recognize the *brilliant* color scheme of van Gogh's Starry Night, with the swirls of midnight blue and bursts of vibrant yellow light. This celestial masterpiece certainly can be an inspiration to your wardrobe.

This affordable *and* chic dress has the *exact* print of van Gogh's Starry Night. In the masterpiece, you can feel like a work of art yourself!

Great for a nice evening walk, this leather jacket symbolizes the darkness of the cypress trees and contrasts the blue and yellow pops of color.

Van Gogh once said, "For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream." Finish the look with these star hair clips to make your hair as shimmering as a constellation. 

The Lady in Gold

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Embellished with gold and silver leaf, The Lady in Gold is a detailed gold-on gold painting that absolutely *sparkles.* Something you may *not* know about this famous painting is that Emilie Louise Flöge inspired the artist Gustav Klimt of The Lady in Gold with her incredible mosaic patterned fashion designs. Although she's a lesser known name in fashion and art, Flöge was an uber talented inventive girl boss in the fashion industry. Here's how to recreate this painting's look and channel elements of Flöge's fabulously unique fashion. 

This patterned mosaic shirt is a *fabulous* equivalent of Flöge's fashion. 

The shimmering ballroom gold skirt makes it look like you're wearing a sea of gold.

Check out these glistening gold textured earrings that shine just as much as the gold leaf in the painting. 

Water Lilies

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A serene nature oil painting collection, Monet's Water Lilies triptych (collection of three paintings) is sure to provide some ideas for a garden party styled outfit.

This adorable a-line water lily dress is perf for a picnic or peaceful walk.

Throw a trench coat on top of the water lily patterned dress to stay warm and still keep a light look.

Wearing this beautiful lily hair flower clip will add a floral touch to your look and make your outfit even more enchanting!

Girl with a Pearl Earring

The Girl With a Pearl Earring by Vermeer is a portrait that has drawn attention of viewers around the world. Think of what one gorgeous accessory can do for an entire outfit!

How would the Girl with a Pearl Earring look....without the pearl earrings? This classy set from Etsy is made specifically to imitate the original pair.

This blue denim headband looks like the turban that the model wore in the painting, but has a modern chic vibe.

Pair the denim headband with a cute denim mini-skirt, for an *all* denim look.

The Persistence of Memory

The surrealistic painting by Salvador Dali is a revolutionary work of art that explores time and dreams. Here's how you can add the unique whimsical elements of Dali's masterpiece to your wardrobe.

This dress looks like it's out of this world. We could totally see you wearing this printed dress in another dimension!

Make a personal statement with *your* watch by getting an art inspired timekeeper. This is the kind of watch you could wear to an Alice in the Wonderland tea party!

A Young Girl Reading

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A Young Girl Reading by Jean-Honoré Fragonard gives us *total* Beauty and the Beast Belle vibes. From the ruffly yellow dress to bun hairstyle topped off with a bow, her Frenchy look is just calling for a modern recreation.

The light yellow dress is the twenty-first century equivalent to the portrait's fun and frilly gown.


Make a messy bun and add an adorable mauve bow to make this cute pulled back hairstyle.


This unique bag from Amazon that's shaped like a storybook is the perfect place to slip in some of your new reads. What better way to channel A Young Girl Reading look?

Artsy Masks

To stay safe and protect others, pair your artsy outfits with these masks based on some gorgeous paintings or wear them with your regular outfits. They will immediately add some pizazz!

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by Camille Campbell | 10/25/2020