PROJECT RUNWAY: Back Together Again!

Last week's Diane von Furstenberg challenge was super nerve-racking and the designers failed to impress the judges, including the queen of design herself.

The remaining eight contestants did not know what they were getting into when they heard this week's challenge. It didn't involve a legend, but def a bittersweet surprise! Heidi invited the eliminated eight and had Tim pair them up with the remaining contestants. Totally awkward! I mean, come on, these people obvi got eliminated for a reason! Why are they back?!

Anyways, each team was responsible for creating an avant garde piece inspired by one of their zodiac signs. The teams: Jerell/Jennifer, Blayne/Stella, Suede/Jerry, Joe/Daniel, Kenley/Wesley, Korto/Kelli, Leanne/Emily and Terri/Keith (OMG, I felt so bad for Terri).

After the designers got down and astrological with their sketches, they headed towards Mood, where they had thirty minutes to shop for their materials. You could already tell which teams were gonna bump heads. Cough, Keith, cough!

You're An Aquarius, Aren't Ya?: With two days for the challenge, the contestants and their partners squeezed every bit of creativity they had in them and went straight to work with their zodiac-inspired designs.

Tim made his rounds with each team, discovering who got along and who didn't, whose designs were brilliant and whose weren’t, and most importantly to invite everyone to a party at the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the Museum of Natural History hosted by Heidi. The other guests would include designers from previous season of PR. Sweet!

With everyone lookin' gorgeous and glam, the teams and their models mingled with Heidi and the previous PR designers which included: Daniel Vosovic, Carmen Weber, Allison Kelly, Christian Siriano and a few others!

On presentation day, the nervous designers fixed up what they could and of course, nerves brought out the bad in people. Everybody was totally annoyed with the overconfident Kenley. (Erm…I don't know what she was so confident about because her design totally came straight outta Disney World!) And Keith passed out on Terri, only to be woken up by Tim to head to the runway.

The Judging: The panel of judges included the usual plus Calvin Klein's Woman's Creative Director Francisco Costa. Boy, were they unimpressed and super critical!

Congrats to Jerell and Jennifer for winning! I wasn't a huge fan of this piece and I didn't see what was so avant garde about it, but I guess the judges saw something I didn't!
We said bye-bye to Blayne and Terri last night. I had no idea what Blayne was thinking with his dress, which, according to Michael Kors was "pooping out fabric." Yuck. But, we will miss you, you purple-hooded cutie. Terri's design, on the other hand, was only a reflection of the failed communication between her and partner Keith.
Although I wasn't feelin' any of the designs on this week's show, I would def have to say my faves were Leanne and Emily and Joe and Daniel! Leanne never fails to prove her creativity! Her scorpio-inspired dress was totally chic and mysterious. Joe's design was gorgeous as well. The ruffled high-neck and the chocolate-like bubble design at the bottom were on the dot!
What happened to Korto! Come on, girl! Up it!

What'd you girls think of last night's episode? Loved it? Liked it? Hated it? What was your fave design? Which team should have won! Too many questions that I want to know the answer to!

9/11/2008 3:48:00 PM