Anklets are back and better than ever!

This is a 90s trend we are happy to see making a comeback! Anklets, or ankle bracelets, are the perfect summer accessory because you can basically put them on and just forget about them. And whether you’re headed to the beach, the mall or your bestie’s house, they complement any look you're rocking. Peep these fun an inxpensive versions of the trend. 

  • rsz_fringed.jpg

    Fringed Anklet, $4.90
    The accessory was initially inspired Indian attire. This take on the anklet is truer to the authentic look of the accessory, and it's a addition to any special look you're rocking.

  • rsz_bead_and_tassel.jpg

    Bead & Tassel Anklet, $1
    If you’re looking to stand out with your accessories, try this anklet. The tassels will definitely add a new flair to your ankle.

  • rsz_braided.jpg

    Braided Anklet, $4.90
    A braided anklet is a simpler and more classic look. Bonus: It’s great for the beach or pool since you don’t have to worry about messing it up with sand or water.

  • rsz_ball_charm.jpg

    Ball Charm Anklet, $3.90
    Whichever charm you decide to pick, it can make your anklet go from simple to sophisticated.  

  • rsz_rhinestone_dolphin.jpg

    Dolphin Rhinestone Anklet, $1
    What’s not to love about this one?! The rhinestones add a flashy sparkle to the piece and the dolphins are just plain cute!

  • rsz_layered.jpg

    Layered Anklets, $1
    Any good fashion statement can be made better with some layering. Pick your favorite anklets and throw them together for a look that is fun and totally you!

    Are you going to try out this trend? Sound off in the comments!


by Natalie Bland | 7/1/2017
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