Add a fresh coat! 15 statement-making jackets under $50

Sure, you think of coats more of an afterthought. It’s the get-up hidden underneath that’s just waiting shine, right? Guess again. For a piece that ya wear practically every day come chilly season, why not make it your outfit’s main attraction? We rounded up statement-making jackets on the cheap. 

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  • 1coat.jpg

    Parka right there, buddy

    For insta-warmth, there’s nothing snugger than a parka. Pop up the hood (fur-lined, natch) and you’re ready for the chill.

    Must-Have Down Jacket, $35,

  • 2coat.jpg

    Parka right there, buddy

    Long Hooded Anorak Jacket, $40,

  • 3coat.jpg

    Parka right there, buddy

    Promithi Women’s Winter Parker, $40,

  • 4coat.jpg

    Sistah Bombastic

    Relaxed and rugged, the bomber jacket is fall and winter’s answer to comfy casual. Pair it with jeans or dress down a skirt-and-tights combo.

    Zip-Front Bomber Jacket, $40,

  • 5coat.jpg

    Sistah Bombastic

    Quilted Bomber Jacket, $40,

  • 6coat.jpg

    Sistah Bombastic

    Faux Leather Bomber Jacket in Wine, $20,

  • 7coat.jpg

    Prep time

    Can’t go wrong with toggles on your topper. Take a nod to summertime fun with this nautical classic.

    Quicksilver Port Stripe Fleece Blazer, $45,

  • 8coat.jpg

    Prep time

    Solid Fleece Toggle, $40,

  • 9coat.jpg

    Prep time

    Plaid-Trim Toggle Hooded Jacket, $48,

  • 10coat.jpg

    Borrowed from the boys

    Cold weather’s all about piling on layer on layer on layer. Want more wiggle room from your coat while looking effortlessly chic? Try an oversized on for, well, size.

    Oversized Studded Jackets, $48,

  • 11coat.jpg

    Borrowed from the boys

    Borrowed-From-the-Boys Houndstooth Coat, $40,

  • 12coat.jpg

    Borrowed from the boys

    Acid Wash Southwestern Denim Jacket, $48,

  • 13coat.jpg

    Hit the road

    We’re mad for motos this season. Go simple with the signature streamline silhouette, or rev it up with metallic sheen or fierce fringe. Part punk, all chic.

    Rebel Grandeur Jacket, $48,

  • 14coat.jpg

    Hit the road

    Biker Babe Faux Leather Jacket, $38,

  • 15coat.jpg

    Hit the road

    Futuristic Moto Jacket, $40,

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by Karmen Fox | 2/1/2016