How to elevate your basic half-up half-down hairstyle

You heard it here first: The hairstyle of the summer will totally be the classic half-up half-down. It's a timeless updo that never fails to look good. You're in luck, because we've compiled four ways to easily elevate it from basic (bleh) to a *whole* other level.



When giving your half-up half-down a glow-up, you can *never* go wrong with adding braids. Whether you opt for small braids throughout or one single braid, it's the perfect way to upgrade the hairstyle with minimal effort involved.



Elegant ribbons and bows are officially the cutest ways to tap into your cottage-core princess fantasies. Not to mention, it's *so* Gracie Abrams coded (peep all the ribbon spottings at her concerts!). We recommend choosing a bow color that matches your outfit for a coordinated look.

Claw Clips


Claw clips are the *perfect* accessory, no matter what mood you're in! Whether you're going for a more laid-back vibe or your outfit is impossible to miss, claw clips can give you that effortless half-up half-down look without the hassle. There are so many ways to style your claw clip. Plus, there are tons of types of claw clips that can be incorporated into your everyday look. 



If you want to stay minimal with your hair accessories and are looking for a casual way to elevate your updo, try a scrunchie. Not as boring as the traditional hair tie, scrunchies add so much to your look—all the while being super simple! Plus, many scrunchies come in various patterns, colors and designs so you'll have plenty of room to be creative.  

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by Mina Rahmat and Madison Yee | 7/24/2023