PSA: Please don't go to bed with wet hair

Did you have an *extra* long day? Maybe you had a big history exam, an away tennis match and an awkward crush encounter (we've all been there). After a tiring daily sched, it can be tempting to shower and climb straight into bed. But going to sleep with wet hair can have some not-so-good consequences. Here are some simple tips on how to protect your mane...

Why you shouldn't go to bed with wet hair

Your hair is most fragile and weak when it's wet, making it extremely sensitive to breakage. This means that your usual tossing and turning at night can cause split ends and hair loss. Not to mention that you might wake up with tangled and frizzy hair.

Bacteria and fungi grow in warm and damp environments—aka wet hair on a warm pillow (that's scary, we know!). So every time you go to sleep straight out of the shower, you're letting gross germs grow. An accumulation of bacteria or fungi can lead to conditions like dandruff or dry scalp. It can also cause fungal acne, which can occur anywhere on your upper body (like your face, neck or back). 

It's worth taking the extra time to blow-dry your hair before you go to sleep. By doing so, you're keeping your hair healthy.

Quick blow-drying hacks

We get it: Blow-drying your hair can feel like it takes *forever*, so here are a few ways to speed up the process. 

1. Use a microfiber towel to remove extra water. Your hair shouldn't be dripping wet when you start to blow-dry. 

2. Make sure to brush and detangle before you dry. 

3. Prep your hair with a heat protectant spray

4. Section your hair with clips. Then, you can focus on smaller sections which will shorten your drying time (ideal for girls with thick hair).

5. Turn on your fave show or podcast in the background! 

Products that help you wake up with healthy hair

Ulta, $15

It's important to brush your hair before you blow-dry and right before you go to bed. By sleeping with tangle-free hair, you're less likely to wake up with a knotty mess. We love this Tangle Teezer brush because it works with both wet and dry hair. Plus: It comes in variations specifically for fine and curly hair. 

Ulta, $30

Just like your skin, your hair needs some extra moisture, too! A hair oil keeps your mane smooth and shiny (it's perfect for frizzy or damaged tresses). The Ouai Hair Oil contains ingredients like ama and borage oil that work to protect your hair and repair split ends. You can either apply a few drops to the ends of your wet hair before you blow-dry or to freshly dried hair before bed. 

Ulta, $39

Tight hair ties can cause some serious damage, which can be harmful if you prefer to sleep with your hair out of your face. Instead, try these delicate silk scrunchies that prevent breakage. We love them since they don't leave an annoying crease. Bonus: They come in super cute colors and patterns!

Ulta, $19

A satin or silk pillowcase makes the biggest difference in hair health. Unlike harsh cotton materials, satin creates less friction, protects your strands and reduces breakouts. Don't forget to wash your pillowcase every week to keep it clean and fresh!

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by Maddy Phillips | 4/18/2023