Your ultimate guide to makeup expiration dates

Spoiler alert: Your go-to beauty products actually expire. Yep, just like food! All makeup and skincare products have a lifespan—which means it's time to toss out that 10-year-old gloss in the bottom of your makeup bag.

Once a product expires, the formula changes and bacteria starts to grow (eww!). Using expired products can result in skin irritation and breakouts which no one wants. This is your sign to give your beauty products a refresh. Here's how long each product can last once you pop it open...


Beauty sponge: 1 month
Foundation: 1 year
Concealer: 1 year
Cream blush, bronzer and highlighter: 6-12 months
Powder blush, bronzer and highlighter: 12-18 months
Mascara: 3 months
Eyeliner: 3 months
Lipstick: 1-2 years
Lipgloss: 6-12 months


Cleanser: 1 year
Toner: 6-12 months
Moisturizer: 1 year
Sunscreen: 3 years
Lip blam: 1 year

When in doubt? 

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All makeup and skincare products have a PAO (aka period after opening) symbol. It looks like an open container with a small number inside. This specifically shows how long it takes a product to expire after it has been unsealed. When cleaning your beauty products, use the PAO to help decide if it's time to say goodbye! 

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by Maddy Phillips | 5/5/2023