5 Bath & Body Works scents you need to try this winter

The holidays are over and it's finally winter, which means it's time to update your scents. (Sorrry pumpkin—still love ya, but fall scents are *so* last season.) It's time to stock up on enough hand soap, body wash, perfume and, ofc, lotion (because winter can be sooo drying) to last til spring. Here are five of the best winter scents you can find at Bath & Body Works this season. 

Champagne Toast

Champagne Toast Glowtion

This bubbly champagne fragrance with hints of berries and tangerine will totally give "new year, new you" vibes. This glowtion is perfect for going out, whether it's a fancy school dance or a friend's b-day party. You'll stay moisturized and shimmering (literally) the whole night! 

Snowflakes & Cashmere

Snowflakes & Cashmere Body Lotion

Snowflakes & Cashmere is the cozy winter scent you need for snuggly days by the fire. Notes of vanilla cashmere cream, caramel woods and frosted clementine will feel like you're wrapping yourself in a soft, fuzzy blanket.

Winter Candy Apple

Winter Candy Apple Fine Fragrance Mist

A combination of rose, candied orange and red apple make up this delightfully sweet scent. You can wear this fruity fragrance mist all winter long, whether it's to school, out to dinner or just hanging with friends. They'll all want to know what you're wearing.  

Frozen Lake

Frozen Lake 3-Wick Candle

Frozen Lake is perfect as a soothing candle with notes of cool eucalyptus, juniper berries and lavender. The refreshing aroma will make you feel like you're outside on a cold, snowy day.

Dream Bright

Dream Bright Shower Gel

You get the best of both worlds—fruity and floral—with Dream Bright. This shower gel will make you the *most* bejeweled and ready to dazzle. You'll also be able to start your day feeling oh-so-clean. Pass the loofah, pls.

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by Natalie Misyak | 1/25/2023