These spot treatment patches *seriously* work overnight

Pop quiz: It's 10 p.m. You're in front of your bathroom mirror, getting ready for bed. You see a blemish staring back at you. Do you a) leave it alone because you know picking it will only turn it into an inflamed mess about three times the size of the zit you started with or b) have at it because you are a human and have fingers and the late-night satisfaction of popping > everything smart you've ever been told about skincare?

If you picked B, hello and welcome to our support group. We are here to help you save face. Literally.

We totally get it—temptation to pick is *real*. So how do you fight the urge? Enter spot patches. While there are now tons of treatment options out there for breakouts, patches are the only product that shrink blemishes (thanks to the hydrocolloid material, made to absorb pus and fluid as well as bust bacteria) *and* keep you from doing DIY skin surgery (so long, scars).

And our faves? PanOxyl's PM Overnight Spot Patches.

In the hopes of getting all our GL girls glowing for back to school, we put patches to the test—and PanOxyl's PM Overnight Spot Patches were a clear winner. "Seriously, these are lifesavers!" says Alexandra B. Read on for our panel's reviews…

"My dermatologist actually recommended these patches to me. I heart that they're completely latex-free and I'm using products my doc loves, too," shares Giada L. Her pro tip on how to use 'em? "Cleanse and dry your skin, then pick the perfect size patch to treat and protect the blemish you're dealing with. Pop it on and head to bed. It's the definition of beauty sleep." 

Skylyn P. uses hers after winding down with a warm shower. "Nothing's better than putting on cozy clothes, turning on your favorite music and applying your skincare at the end of a busy school day," she shares.

And in the a.m.? Just gently peel away the patch (we won't judge if you look at it). "It's honestly crazy how much better my skin is doing," says Arianna H. "I really am waking up to find my blemishes are totally gone thanks to these spot patches." 

Ask the GL girls...

Favorite thing about PanOxyl's Overnight Blemish Patches?

"It's so satisfying to remove these overnight patches and find clear skin—they're like my secret weapon." — Jasmyn C.

Favorite way to wind down on a school night?

"I love exfoliating and applying my overnight patches before curling up with my current fave read." —Arianna H.

Who would you recommend PanOxyl to?

"Anyone who wants the confidence that comes from rocking clear skin!" —Skyla D.
"All of my friends! Since we're teens, we're constantly getting blemishes here and there, and these are so perfect. Once, I even wore a patch in public and no one even noticed since it blended right in!" —Giada L.

Ready to rock your skincare?
Check out PanOxyl HERE for all your acne solutions!


by GL | 8/24/2022