7 things to know about winter skincare

Winter is all about ice-skating, gorgeous light displays and *seriously* dry skin.

Cold air, dry heat and harsh winter winds have the tendency to leave your skin feeling dull and not-so-great. The low temperatures dry out the top layers of your skin, making it incredibly important to stay moisturized. Don't worry, you're in luck because we've got seven tips to keep your skin hydrated, glowy and fabulous all season long!

A totally new routine isn't necessary
With the weather undergoing changes of its own, revamping your entire regime isn't the way to go. Instead, hold onto your fave cleanser and serums, and opt for a more heavy-duty moisturizer. Consistency is key.

Sunscreen is still a thing
Even though it may seem more cloudy and dreary outside, the sun still shines all year long. Because of this, it's important to keep SPF in your routine whether it's in the form of moisturizer, setting spray, or plain old sunscreen lotion. 

Stay hydrated
It's a lot easier to remember to drink water when the weather is warmer and you're spending the day swimming, playing outside or sunbathing. However, staying hydrated is essential to keep up with healthy skin habits all year long. Hey, now you have an excuse to put that super-cute new water bottle on your Christmas list!

Invest in quality lip care
The winter weather has certainly gained a reputation for causing the *worst* chapped lips. Combat this seasonal struggle with lip care in the morning, afternoon and before bed. Keep it simple with Aquaphor or Vaseline. Toss your fave chapstick or lip balm in your bag to keep it handy wherever you go; you never know when you might need it!

Treat yourself to a spa day
Christmas break is just around the corner, and it's the perfect opportunity for a spa day. Whether you book an appointment at a spa nearby or have the squad over for some DIY rest and relaxation, your skin will thank you! Bath bombs, anyone?

Nourish your body
In order to get that glow on the outside, you need to care for yourself on the inside. Keep up with your daily vitamins this winter—they'll make up for any nutrients you might be missing in your diet. Incorporate a good amount of greens and seasonal fruits and vegetables into your meals. Even though you might be busy with holiday plans, social events or school work, keeping yourself nourished is a top priority. 

Don't forget about your hands
Skincare isn't only about your face. Our hands are subject to *a lot* of harsh conditions in the cold weather, and they tend to sustain the brunt of it. Keep hand lotion handy and apply it at least three times a day (like lip balm). Some tried and true brands to beat the winter blues include CeraVe and Cetaphil. Don't forget a travel-size version for on-the-go!

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by Riley Yates | 12/15/2021