Why you should add the Gua Sha into your skincare routine ASAP

After reading this piece, you're going to want to add gua sha into your skincare regime ASAP. Praised by beauty gurus and celebrities alike, gua sha has taken over social media with its 'magic' results for improving the definition and puffiness of one's face. Even everyone's style icon, Olivia Rodrigo, uses a gua sha! 

We heart the gua sha because it feels like a relaxing massage while benefitting the skin immensely. From reducing stress and tension in the face to improving the definition of your jawline, this tool is an awesome addition to your skin care routine. If you're in need of some extra TLC or looking to give yourself an epic facial, gua sha is *exactly* what you need.

Using Gua Sha

For the best results, move with a light pressure into your skin (you want to make sure you are massaging your face not bruising it). Keep the tool at a 30-degree angle, as close to the skin as possible, during use. Support with the opposite hand to prevent unnecessary stretching by gently pulling skin downward with two fingers. Repeat each movement 3 to 4 times, wiggling the gua sha in place after the movement is complete. 


  • To massage the neck, use the longest side of gua sha and slowly massage downward, remove the tool from the neck and repeat from the jawline. For the jaw, use the v-shaped side and tilt it as flat as possible to your face. 
  • For cheeks, massage with the longest side of the gua sha. 
  • For eyes, place the gua sha directly below the corner of your eye and gently sweep outwards.

Quick disclaimer: The gua sha isn't a miracle tool, despite what your FYP tells you. To see lasting results, gua sha once a day—or at least two to three times per week. 

History & cultural significance 

Believe it or not, gua sha has been around for centuries. The magic (more like medical) invention actually roots back traditional Chinese medicine. The technique involves scraping a tool, stone or hand across certain areas of the body to alleviate muscle pain, treat certain illnesses and increase the body's blood flow. Chinese cultures believed gua sha improved the connection between mind, body and energy (what they called qi). Centuries later into Chinese history, gua sha evolved into cosmetic practices.

The implementation of gua sha into Chinese cosmetics stems from the idea that gua sha improves the skin's redness, wrinkles and elasticity. Today, cultures all across the world use gua sha and related products like jade rollers for similar results.

When using a gua sha in your skin routine, it's important to acknowledge the significance this product has on Eastern cultures. You can do this by appreciating the gua sha technique, learning more about its history or supporting Asian-owned businesses like Mount Lai or Luminae when purchasing your very-own gua sha. 

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by Cara Lamina | 11/23/2021