How to copy TikTok’s jelly filter in your own makeup looks

The "jelly look" filter on TikTok is giving Snapchat filters a run for its money. With over 1.1 million videos under the filter, it's safe to say this filter has taken the app by storm. But, here's a little secret...the filter is just makeup! This means you can DIY this look and wear it for *whenever* you want. Dying to give it a try? Find a mirror, dig out your makeup bag and get ready to recreate this glowy filter IRL. 

The step-by-step guide to recreating the jelly look:

1.) Prime your face, especially your under eyes and eyelids. We recommend either The POREfessional Face Primer ($32) or the NYX Professional Makeup Marshmellow Smoothing Primer ($17).

2.) Use a beauty blender to apply BB cream all over face for even coverage. Try this Dream Fresh BB Cream ($8) from Maybelline. 

3.) Blend in some concealer under the eyes and cover up any spots in need of extra coverage. 

4.) Grab your favorite blush, we recommend this Benefit Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Stain ($18), and spread *heavily* on your cheeks. Do not go up with the blush, strictly apply on the rounds of your cheek directly under your eyes. Of course, add a good amount of blush to the base of your nose. 

5.) Highlight your cheekbones, curving up around the eyes to the end of your eyebrow. Give this Clinique Power Pop Flower Highlighter ($35) a go. Apply more highlighter traveling up your nose on either side to the insides of your eyebrows and to the round of your nose. Finish it off with a little highlighter to your upper lip and the corners of your eyes.

6.) Next up, try to recreate the filter's eyeshadow. Start with a light pink base all over the eyelid and under the eye up to your waterline. Apply a deep pink on the outermost edge of the lids. Don't be afraid to be dramatic with your eyeshadow!

7.) Brush your brows out and fill in evenly with a brow pencil in your color.

8.) Apply a thin line of black eyeliner to the top of your eyelids right where your lashes begin. Use the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Liner ($22) and follow the natural direction of your eye.

9.) Curl your lashes and apply a generous amount of mascara. You can also go in with these Lilly Lashes Faux Mink Miami Lashes ($28)

...and volià!

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by Cara Lamina | 10/6/2021