5 ways to work sunscreen into your beauty routine

Now that school is out and the weather is warm, it's more important than ever to start incorporating sunscreen into your daily beauty routine. If sunscreen hasn't been part of your routine before, you may not be familiar with all the ways you can use it to protect your skin *and* enhance your makeup. From primers to powders to finishing sprays, modern sunscreen comes in many forms, so keep reading to learn how to work these products into your beauty lineup.

Your base

Theraderm, $31

If there's one type of sunscreen that you *have* to incorporate into your routine, it's this facial suncreen with high SPF. This won't leave your face with a white glow, and will keep your skin safe from the sun—what more could you want?

Color correcting primer

Amazon, $27

Color-correcting primers have been all the rage this year and we *totally* understand why. Cancel out your red undertones by using this IPKN primer under your foundation and bonus, you'll get some extra UV protection, too.

As a foundation

Sephora, $32

This powder foundation contains SPF 15, which will provide your skin with an extra layer protection when paired with a sunscreen-based moisturizer. Since you only needs a few swipes protect yourself (and *maybe* a few more to even out your skintone,) this product is perfect for the gal who is always on the go.

In your concealer

Ulta, $16

This concealer has a cult following, and it's not hard to see why. With full coverage, a hydrating formula *and* SPF 50, this concealer checks an impressive amount of boxes. 

Sunscreen as setting spray

Ulta, $14

Finish off your makeup look with this setting spray that will keep your makeup in place while guarding your skin from the sun. It's called "Make it Last" for a reason!

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Slider image: kevin laminto on Unsplash | Sunscreen: Thermaderm | Primer: IPKN | Foundation: Bare Minerals | Concealer: It Cosmetics | Setting Spray: Milani | All GIFs via GIPHY

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by Serena Sherwood | 6/19/2021