10 trendy DIY nail designs to try this spring

Looking for some cute nail inspo? Look no further! We have compiled the *ultimate* list of must-try spring manicures. From bright colors to intricate designs, these are the best ways to liven up you next set of nails and get into the spring spirit. 

1. This pastel French manicure

Here's a colorful and cute twist on the classic French mani that'll bring a pop of pastel color to your spring fashion looks. If you try this look, you can choose to keep it simple and classy by painting just the tips, like in the picture, or spice up you look by adding a nail sticker to the center of your nail. Either way, so adorable!


2. This retro cherry design

This delicious design gives *total* 50's picnic vibes. Use nail art brushes to apply this fun little design to your nails. We recommend the FULINJOY Nail Drawing Pen. You'll also need the perfect red polish color!


3. This neon floral print

What's more spring than pretty dainty flowers? Nothing. Florals never get old! You can't go wrong with this look. 


4. This abstract swirl nail art

These psychedelic nails are super trendy for this spring season. This design can be totally unique to you by choosing your favorite color pallet for the base coat. Then, add some swirls on top of the base, using your nail art brushes, wherever your heart desires.


5. This cow print nail design

Mooove on through the spring season with this trendy cow print on your nails. (Sorry for the dad joke.) But seriously, this versatile print can be done in so many fun ways. Make it your own by making it a French mani design, only putting it on a few nails or swapping the classic black and white for different colors.


6. This dreamy cloud nail art

You know it's finally spring when the skies are bright and blue. This nail design is perfect for a sunny day. Anyone else definitely going to feature these fluffy clouds on your nails?


7. This seashell nail art

Nothing says "warm weather" quite like the beach, and even if you can't get some ocean time this season you can get in the spirit with your nail art! This white design is simplu but adorable, and the little gem detail is the *perfect* finishing touch to this beachy look!


8. This sunflower mani

With adorable painted sunflowers and a pop of bright turquoise, this mani will serve *all* the spring vibes! This is a great option if you like your nails a little longer, so you have more space to show off the detailed design.


9. This butterfly nail design

There are *tons* of ways to incorporate butterflies into spring-themed nails, but we are totally obsessed with this wrapped look! Snapping a pic of these for your Insta feed will *immediately* inspire all your friends to follow you in rocking the butterfly nails this spring.


10. This gradient heart design

We've seen this 90's Powerpuff Girls print all over our feeds and on phone cases, so why not paint it on our nails too? Achieve this look by starting with a small heart in the center of your nail, choosing a few shades of that same color and adding layers to the middle heart in a gradient from light to dark.


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All GIFs via GIPHY. Slider: @thehotblend/Instagram.

by Isabella Albaig and Lexi Casazza | 4/18/2021