Spring hair trends to try ASAP

PSA: Get in on these before everyone else does. Some are super easy, some are just super worth it.



Adding all the colors of the rainbow kicks your look up a notch—or seven.

How to get it: Ask your stylist to add in colorful extensions. And think about placement: This half-and-half style makes things even more interesting.

Get Loopy


These are *not* your average pigtails, people!

How to get it: Create two looped ponys by not pulling your hair all the way through the elastic. Then, hide your elastic by wrapping a small section of hair around the base of the pony.

Big Bright Bow


When it comes to bows, bigger is always better. A bright red tie is eye-catching and classic.

How to get it: Add a few romantic waves with a curling iron before placing the bow right above your ear. We love the Claire's Knotted Bow Headband in Red ($8).

'60s Chic


Go mod with this super cute and preppy half-back style.

How to get it: Tease the front section and pull it back to create a little volume before adding a thin headband at your crown. Then, set some soft curls with a flex-hold hairspray, like It's a 10 Miracle Finishing Spray ($13).

Add an Animal Print

@thasupremecourt via @kristin_ess

Tie a scarf into your hair for a chill, boho feel.

How to get it: Wrap the scarf around your head (not too far back!), then tie it right at the nape of your neck so it won't come loose. Try the Princess Polly Easy Tiger Hair Scarf ($25).

(Butter)Fly Away


This late '90s throwback look is just too adorable not to try.

How to get it: Strategically place butterfly clips throughout your hair (hello, how cute are these?! Urban Outfitters butterfly clip set, $6). The more volume you've got, the more of a statement you'll make.

Play With Your Part


Mix things up by parting your hair differently.

How to get it: Brush everything back, then use the edge of a comb to divide your hair. It'll change up your whole vibe. 

Face-Framing ColorPrint


Add a couple of standout pieces right by your face for a cool effect.

How to get it: Section off your hair and add a quick hit of hue, like Eva NYC Chameleon Temporary Hair Color Spray ($10). You'll get a blast of bold, without all the commitment.

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by Erin Reimel | 4/10/2021