Exclusive Interview! Hyram Yarbro's skincare rules to live by

The TikTok superstar dishes on how to get your best-ever complexion.

Focus on the basics

"Start simple with a cleanser, treatment, exfoliant, moisturize and sunscreen," he shares. If you're not into super long routines, don't force it. "It's all about what works for you and your schedule—your routine should be enjoyable and something you look forward to." (Just don't skip the SPF, please!)

Be intentional

"It's important to be careful about what you choose to put on your face," Yarbro cautions. Don't just buy something because you saw someone use it on TikTok—do a deep dive to make sure it's actually right for you.

Give products a chance

"In general, it's good to use something for two months. If you don't see any results from there, stop using it." And if a new product is making your skin red, itchy, flaky or irritated, apply it less frequently or simply return it (fun fact: many stores will take back beauty product fails).

When in doubt, see a doc

"If you have been struggling with an issue like cystic acne and nothing is working, it's best to see a professional," he says. Experimenting is fine, but some issues are better resolved with expert help.

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All images via @skincarebyhyram


by Erin Reimel | 4/10/2021