5 ways to handle a bad haircut (without freaking out)

Bad haircuts. Unfortunately, they're a thing, and sometimes they're inevitable. Maybe you saw a brand new stylist, or your regular hairdresser had an off-day. Nevertheless, bad haircuts are not fun, and they can lead to *a lot* of low self-esteem and so many tears. 

Listen up–it's not the end of the world. If you get stuck with a bad chop, Girls' Life has the top 5 ways to handle it (without *totally* freaking out). 

1. Talk to your stylist

The first thing you *need* to do is talk to your stylist—immediately. Normally a bad haircut is a result of a misunderstanding or a new stylist that doesn't really understand *your* style (or your hair). Don't be afraid to tell them that you don't like it. Honestly is *always* the best policy!

2. Wash your hair

Most of the time a bad haircut can be fixed with a good wash. Even though you might've just gotten your hair squeaky clean, we recommend washing it as soon as you get home. Your hair will most likely lay as usual when it dries, so don't freak *too* much. 

3. Try new hairstyles

A bad haircut could open the door to new hairstyles you might've never tried before. Take this as an opportunity to get creative with your hair. Always wanted to try new hair tools or products? Now is the time—you're stuck with it until your hair grows out!

4. Make hair accessories your new BFF

You *need* the three H's: hats, headbands and hairclips. These accessories will be your BFF for the next few months. Clip back those pesky short layers or cover up the haircut with a beanie. No matter what, you'll get extra points for style!

5. Go with it

Glow through what you go through! Unfortunately, you'll be stuck with your hair until it grows out, so you don't really have *too* much of choice other than to go with it. When the time comes, pay a visit to your hairdresser to get the cut you've been waiting for! 

Extra tip: Don't try to fix it at home. Stay away from the scissors and let your hair do its thing. It will grow out in time! 

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by Allie Lijewski | 3/6/2021