How to make your eyebrows *on fleek* from home

Has your eyebrow game been kinda lacking lately...? Don't worry, you're not alone. All of our eyebrows have been looking, well, kind of rough since quarantine. Looks like we're in luck because we have all the steps necessary to get everyone's eyebrows back on *fleek*. No matter the shape, texture, or thickness of your brows we've got the best advice from professionals.

We've all experienced the struggle of attempting to pluck our own brows, and they've either gotten too thin, out of shape or totally uneven. Follow these steps to say goodbye to your uneven brows—perfect for every *lewk* you're trying out with your chic face mask.

For a thicker brow 

An easy fix to a messy brow for someone who likes having a more *thick* and *filled in brow* is the glossier boy brow groom promade. This product will transform your eyebrows with just one flick of the wrist. All you have to do is comb through your eyebrows once on each brow, and they will immediately look ten times better. "Once applied, which is surprisingly easy, the effect is a "your brows but better" look, in that hairs are kept in place and sparse areas are made to look fuller while still appearing natural," said the experts at Beautypedia

For the rounded brow

Has your brow lost its signature round shape? James Charles has got you covered! If you watch James' vids, you know he adores the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil because it works like magic to make it seem like you recently got your brows waxed or threaded when you actually didn't. The brow pencil can draw in little eyebrow hairs where there aren't actually any hairs because of its fine tip.

"The first rule of thumb is to make sure the inside of your brow aligns with the outside of your nostril," James instructs. "Draw one line to mark the center of your brow on each brow." Make sure everything is aligned so that when you go to draw in your brow you don't lose the rounded shape! 

For the S-Shaped brow

If you have a lovely s-shaped brow, you may notice more quickly when it's starting to lose its shape because of how defined the s-shape is. A good tip for you is to avoid tweezing your eyebrows at all costs because it is very hard to see where the little hairs are. If you accidentally tweeze one hair in the wrong spot, the shape will be gone. Benefit Cosmetics brow + volumising brow gel should be your best friend if you have s-shaped brows. This makeup product will work like *magic* on your brows, keeping that gorg shape forever. 


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by Hayley Miller | 6/26/2020