Summer beauty Q: "My beigey locks get greenish by July. Help!"

Take notes on Sierra Furtado's expert ashiness. No brassiness here!

Blondies have been griping about green tresses since the advent of the in-ground. Wondering how to protect your hair from that dreaded dull hue?

No matter your color, guard your locks against discoloration caused by chlorine, sun and salt water by wetting hair with fresh H2O before diving in the pool or ocean—because if your strands are already soaked, less chlorine and salt water can seep in.

It's also important to rinse your mane post-dip, too—you want to clear away the salt and chemicals right away so they don't have extra time to sink in and cause unnecessary damage.

And the final trick to keeping color fresh? Selecting the right products—including your cleanser and conditioner.

Try: Eva NYC Tone It Down! Blonde Shampoo, $12

This smart shampoo uses an ulta violet formula to banish those brassy tones. Brilliant. Try using it once or twice a week, then increase frequency only if needed (just be careful not to use too much, or your locks might take on a violet tone...although, that might be kind of cool!). Love that this formula is free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates.

by Kelsey Haywood Lucas | 7/3/2018
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