Here's how to celebrate *National Bath Day*

Because bath time = best time.

There’s nothing better than a serious soak to melt away the day. Here’s how to create a perfectly luce liquid hug…and make that soothing sensation last long after you’ve toweled off. 

Your big break
Don’t even consider running the water unless you have an hour to make your dip dreamy foam start to finish. The length of your actual soak depends on your skin: Keep it to 10 minutes if you have eczema, says Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse, a derm in Beverly Hills, Calif. Otherwise, aim for 20. 

Hello, zen zone
“Creating the right space for a bath is essential,” says Aarti Gala, founder of the beauty brand Kumari Luxury. She suggests clearing off the counters and shelves (even if just temporarily!) and lighting a candle or two. 

Salt beats bubbles
We love foamy fun as much as he next gal, but adding a scoop of homemade bath salts is way better for your skin. (Aarti says to add some coconut oil to the tub, too, to keep it moisturizing.) No time to DIY? Try a shea-infused bath bomb for scent and soothing vibes with zero effort. 

Turn down the heat
Dr. Shainhouse says hot water can strip skin’s vital oils, so stick to warm (but not scalding) temps. When you’re done? Apply lotion pronto to replace lost moisture.

Tune in (or out)
Use your bath as a break from it all—no scrolling through Instagram or putting your BFF on speaker to hash out the events of the past 24 hours. “Turn on some music or just soak up the silence...whatever you’re in the mood for,” says Aarti. Your brain will appreciate the blank space. 

4 things that should never, ever go near you and bath...

Your kitten: so cute, you just want to take her everywhere. But we fur = no leave her on the dry side of the tub 

Devices: It’s tempting to bring your iPad or phone in with you (games! Texts! Books! surfing!), but we all know it’s a splish-splash disaster waiting to happen. Unplug...literally. 

Library books: Even if you’re crazy careful, the warm water and inevitably damp hands will cause those pages to warp. 

Songs to soak to
If you *are listening to music during your bubble sesh, press play on this relazing playlist. It’ll last your entire bath (+ some post-soak journaling)

"Electric love" - BORNS 
"Explosions" - Ellie Goulding
"Dreams" - Fleetwood Mac
"Tenerife Sea" - Ed Sheeran 
"Ghost" - Halsey
"Imagine" - John Lennon
"Love Yourself" - Justin Bieber
"Young and Beautiful" - Lana Del Rey 
"Love Me Like You" - Little Mix 
"The Love Club" - Lorde
"FourFiveSeconds" - Rihanna . Kanye West / Paul McCartney 
"Revival" - Selena Gomez 
"Unbreakable Smile" - Tori Kelly 
"Hey, Soul Sister" - Train
"Island in the Sun" - Weezer
"Clean - Taylor Swift 

DIY Bath Tea
Our friends over at SaltWorks shared their sweet recipe for a bath tea. Toss one bag into the tub and steep yourself for 10 - 20. 

½ cup sea salt 
4-5 drops sweet orange essential oil*
2 tablespoons dried lavender buds*
2 tablespoons dried chamomile flowers* 
4 3” x 5” muslin craft bags 

The how-to
Mix the salt and the essential oil in a bowl. Add in the dried flowers. Divide into the bags. At any time, drop a bag into the warm water. Each bag can be used once. 

What does your ideal bath consist of? Sound off in the comments!


by GL | 6/14/2018