Five creative ways to wear your eyeliner this summer

The beauty industry is always introducing new ways to play with our makeup and we are living for it. This summer the well known and well loved winged liner has its fair share of competition. Have fun with your eyeliner this summer using these five looks as inspiration.

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    Thumbprint liner: It’s a little unconventional, but why not go a little wild this summer? Even if you don’t want your liner as dramatic as Lady Gaga, you can make the thumbprint smaller and make it a lighter black. Pop on your favorite eye shadow and get ready to stand out from the crowd.

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    White winged liner: It’s not too far from what we are used to, but you’d be surprised how much a change of color can spice your makeup look up. See for yourself. 

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    Dot liner: It’s such a simple look, but isn’t it cute? Simply use a liquid liner to place three dots outside your eye and you’re looking like a super model.

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    Blunt liner: Forget the wing and instead go for a straight edge ending liner. You can make the liner thick and dramatic or thin and simple. Either way is super cute.

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    Glitter liner: What better way to be a shining star than with glitter liner. You can place the glitter above a traditional black liner or just use the glitter as your liner. You’ll look like a glowing goddess either way.

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by Joy Cato | 6/6/2018