7 unexpected ways to use your make-up

On a budget? Do you need a new blush or highlight? Guess what it could already be in your drawer! Some would say these tips are wrong but why follow the norm? Who said you can’t use lipstick as blush?

The multi-use sticks have been around for a while that are both a blush and lip color or palettes that have everything in one but why buy it when you could already have it in your makeup collection.

Here are some ideas of how you can reuse your makeup:

Tip 1- Use a lipstick as a cream blush or even bronzer. Pinks, nudes, oranges even reds can be sheared out to a naural flush. A more cool toned brown lipstick can be used as a cream contour. 

Tip 2- Speaking of do not even need to buy a specfic contour powder use a cool tone eyeshaodow or dark concealer. 

Tip 3- An easy tip or especially if you are going for a monochromatic look, use bronzer as eyeshaodow or even apply your highlight across your lid. This technique not only ties your makeup look together but no need for lots of shadows or an eyeshadow pallette. 

Tip 4- If you are feeling the more editorial look, use vaseline as a shiny, wet looking eyeshadow. Your eyes will definently be left moiturized after this one!

Tip 5- Eyeliner as lip liner? Use your brown or nude eyeliner as lip liner which will make your lips pop!

Tip 6- No need to buy a fancy eyelid primer, a concealer works just as well with a little bit of setting powder of course. 

Tip 7- Color correcting is where it gets crazy! Dark under eye circles? Use red lipstick. Redness around a pimple? Mix green eyeshaodow and moisturizer together—voila!

Do you guys use any fo these makeup hacks or made up some of your own?


by Emmy Villiger | 6/3/2018