The nose art trend on Instagram is amazing and confusing

You may need to sit down for this one. This summer season has introduced several beauty trends we've fallen head over heels for including feathered brows and bold eyeshadow. However, we haven't seen anything quite like this one before. Nose art has taken Instagram by storm and even has beauty gurus like James Charles participating. The trend is beautiful and definitely what better time to be a little *extra* than summertime?


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If James Charles is on board with this trend, I guess we should all jump on ship too. Make the main  focus of your next makeup look your nose like james did. Keep the rest of the makeup simple, but do whatever look you want on your nose. 


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Create a garden makeup look using this as inspiration. You could even forget the green eyeshadow  and blue eyebrows and just do the nose art for a fun day at the beach.


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This is giving us serious butterflies. It's simple and easy to recreate yet still so over the edge.


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In case you wanted something a bit more dramatic and fruity. She definitely went all out, but you know what? We are living for it. However, you may need to get extra help to accomplish this look. 

This look just goes to show that you can never have on too much blush. opt for this monochromatic and simple look for your next outdoor event. 

Would you ever rock the nose art trend this summer?  


by Joy Cato | 5/31/2018